Mega menu

Is there an update on this? I have an upcoming project that would benefit greatly from a mega menu.

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That’s my guess :sunglasses:

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I admit i dreamed of the arrival of WooCommerce after reading that post.
At the same time, though, i guess it’s a less meaty update!

Unless Santa Claus gives us a beautiful gift this year! :slight_smile:

I think we are not far away, but would it make sense to drop a major update between Christmas and the New Year?

The mega menu is still missing as an essential e-commerce related block and since Woo is currently absolute priority, it just would make sense to see it anywhere soon.

I’d expect the Woo update by the end of next month.

Hi @Marius and @mian,

Definitely a good point @Marius, although the Mega Menu will not make it before the end of this year.

We’ve preferred focusing on the first instalment of WooCommerce:

  • Mini Cart
  • Add to Cart actions
  • Swatch variations
  • Archive and Single page

All this also prepares the path to dynamic context.


At this moment i am like a teenager who with the petals of a flower thinks: he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not.
Or… with the skull in my hand: WooCommerce or no WooCommerce, that’s the question!

This big news will come out when you are ready (and joking aside, don’t rush it for us).
In the meantime, we will consume a few more flowers! :slight_smile:

Joking aside, thank you to the whole team for your efforts. As a developer (though distracted by so much else) i can imagine the effort behind such a project.
Thanks again!


That of course makes sense @Louis.

Like @mian said, it’s ready when it’s ready.
No one would benefit from a rushed release.
We were waiting patiently that long, so we’ll do it for the rest as well :+1:

Also very excited about the impact which hopefully will be significant after the release.
I think that many people, who already own a license, will start touching Cwicly the first time then.


A Mega Menu would be a welcome addition. The amount of time I spend on menus so they operate as intended on every screen is head wrecking :exploding_head:


looking forward to this one.

Just a few weeks more.



And this is why I love Cwicly. The speed of updates, the attention to detail and the constant communication from the team just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy :slight_smile:

@Louis Any teasers for the Cwicly Mega Menu? I’m excited to learn more about it after seeing the Bricks Mega Menu. While Bricks is a competitor, I always keep an eye on their updates for inspiration.

@Louis I understand that you are putting all your efforts into the upcoming mega menu. I also understand that it will improve the existing menu block, which is already the best in terms of accessibility. If the new menu/mega menu block is based on the WP 6.2 Gutenberg version menu block, then it will be a major upgrade. I have curated all the menu-related feature requests below. I hope that most of them will be addressed with this upcoming update.

  1. Cwicly Navigation Block (WP 6.2)

  2. Unique icons for each menu item

  3. Responsive Menu Layout

  4. Auto-close vertical menu dropdown

  5. Enable Cwicly menu block to allow filtering of output

  6. Enable global block typography for menu block

  7. Nav menu dropdown alignment

  8. Add a nice mobile menu

  9. Mobile Menu Toggle vs Link

Wow! Powerful stuff!! :muscle:


It will be the best menu builder ever seen in the history of WordPress. Mr. Perfectionist @Louis is once again breaking all the limits.

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Single markup :heart_eyes: - so underrated.
It’s these details.

The actual building experience looks so sweet.
It doesn’t require 5 new blocks to get it done as we can see and still the user has all design freedom.
Super smart and user friendly implementation.

I’m hyped.

Is there still more to come or is this request completed?

Curious… if the Mega Menu was released in, why is this feature request still marked as “in progress”? Is there something specific still to come for it that’s holding this feature request as “in progress”?

Hi @Jonas and @d19dotca,

While we do have plans to add more features to the Nav menu block (hence the in-progress tag), this feature request can be marked as done to avoid any confusion.

Feel free to share any suggestions or ideas for further improvements.

@Araminta , i am sorry to take you time, for a suggestion:

it seems Mega Menus did not have native horizontal Layouts parameter at the moment, right?

if trying change the settings to make it as Vertical , seems the content part position is not adjustable

Vertical example for reference:
is there any possible to change the dropdown content position?

use in the menu