Please make sure you backup your installation before updating to this latest release

  • New: Tailwind Integration → https://docs.cwicly.com/tailwind/getting-started

  • New: Copy/Paste HTML to Cwicly blocks → Copy/Paste - Documentation

  • New: SVG block

  • Improvement: Component variations

  • Improvement: Cloud Design Library rework

  • Improvement: List properties available in Layout → Visual tab

  • Improvement: Update ACF Pro to 6.2.5

  • Fix: Template Part block → update to latest official recommendations

  • Fix: Modal block → logged-in condition was not being honoured

  • Fix: Slider block → slider would not operate correctly if gap property wasn’t specified

  • Fix: Remove force display:block; property from richtext editing to properly replicate frontend view on backend for richtext elements

  • Fix: Google Maps API key would not save correctly

  • Fix: WooCommerce → Exclude current would cause error

  • Fix: Hook block → action hook would not be called at the correct position

  • Fix: Gallery block → dynamic location value for ACF wasn’t properly processed

  • Fix: Range block → global colours would not apply in stylesheet

  • Fix: Nav block → animated trigger would not be accessible on backend when modal mode was active

  • Fix: Block CSS regeneration → custom breakpoints would not be honoured in certain circumstances

  • Fix: Removing a link in certain Cwicly blocks would not be possible

  • Fix: Global Classes → Advanced Tab now available for Custom CSS editing