List-style property

I’d like to see an implementation of the list-style property in the Design Tab to build my own custom lists with Div and Paragraph Blocks.


I found this post while I was looking for guidance re: how to set the global style for lists - is that what you are asking for here @Marius or is this something different?

If it is something different, could you please point me to where I can set the global style for lists?

As always, thank you so much for your assistance.

I think that’s not related @smontreuil.

If I understand you right, you are looking for an option to style the li HTML tag?
This topic is about the CSS property list-style.

As far as I am aware, this is currently not possible.
It was considered to add this to the global elements if I’m not mistaken.
But can’t tell for sure, it’s been a time and I couldn’t find the post anymore.

I’d recommend opening a feature request for it.

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ok, thanks so much @Marius

@Louis is this something that is already on the roadmap?

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Hello @smontreuil,

This is planned, although I don’t have a specific ETA as there are a few things initially planned before introducing it.
I’ll see if I can slip it in in the next few updates.

Thanks, @Marius, for the reminder.


Thank you for adding, including its related properties @team :handshake:

Works as expected after a little testing :+1:

So many more possibilities now - also in combination with the dedicated container block to apply the appropriate HTML tag and the new visual grid builder to create clean grid items. Perfect use case for a cards list :upside_down_face:

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Hello @Marius,

Thanks for bringing this up!
Took a bit more time than I would have wanted, so thanks to everyone for their patience.
Moving to done.


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