Using SVGs as icons

From old feedback:

I know there is a wide range of icon fonts and they still have advantages over SVGs, but often you only need a few icons within a font but it still needs to be loaded completely. Creating an own icon font is always a bit more work. Adding an SVG would be so much faster and you would also have the possibility of manipulation via CSS, if they were inserted inline and not within the image tag.
The icing on the cake would be a built-in minification or cleanup of the SVG code, to save detours via online tools… just dreaming :wink:


Is this still under consideration, something that is planned or not planned?
Any general update on this?

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Let the builder allow us to select svg files from media library. For sanitization we use a different plugin? This is important to keep the website size smaller. Some times I use 2-3 icons from each library that will make all icon libraries to load.

Just to clarify here:
Cwicly uses SVGs for the Icon block and Button block, so no library of icons is loaded on the frontend to show a specific icon or button icon.

Just tested the icon element in the sandbox. Yes. That’s the case. I am very happy to know the existing implementation is well made.

Now if we can find a way to add custom svg then it will be cherry on the cake. My clients ask me to use specific icons some times especially from the Material icons library of Google.

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Casting my vote here as well to allow selecting an SVG from the Media Library to use as an icon for your list or button.


I design many of my icons and use them in SVG format. So the addition of uploading a custom SVG icon would be brilliant. I will mention that it is a common feature in most builders.


Hey there,

I’m very often in the situation, that I would like to use only one Icon. The ability to create custom Icon-Sets is great, but often I either come back to a site which needs one additional icon, or it is a new site which only needs 2 or 3 custom Icons and therefore I think the process of creating custom Icon-Sets is a bit user unfriendly in those scenarios.

I think (not sure) bricks builder has the ability to choose a custom Icon on it’s icon-picker. Which is in my opinion very useful to quickly add one icon. I’m thinking of an Option beside all the Icon-sets called “Custom SVG” and then a picker from the media library, maybe?

What do you think?


It’s a highly requested feature.

This was also brought up in the latest live stream if you want to check out the current status quo.

Ooooh thanks a lot @Marius . My quick search didn’t bring up any results, probably had the wrong keywords! :wink:

If it were possible to use this ‘custom’ icon in the before pseudo class, that would be optimal.
I use this king of content and it is not friendly:
url(“data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg xmlns=‘SVG namespace’ width=‘24’ height=‘24’ viewBox=‘0 -6 24 30’%3E%3Cpath d=‘M16 0c-3.169 0-6 2.113-6 5.003 0 1.025.369 2.032 1.023 2.812.027.916-.512 2.228-.996 3.184 1.301-.235 3.15-.754 3.988-1.268.708.172 1.387.251 2.028.251 3.543 0 5.956-2.418 5.956-4.98.001-2.904-2.85-5.002-5.999-5.002zm-2.5 5.75c-.414 0-.75-.336-.75-.75s.336-.75.75-.75.75.336.75.75-.336.75-.75.75zm2.5 0c-.414 0-.75-.336-.75-.75s.336-.75.75-.75.75.336.75.75-.336.75-.75.75zm2.5 0c-.414 0-.75-.336-.75-.75s.336-.75.75-.75.75.336.75.75-.336.75-.75.75zm-6.5 6.854v5.396h-8v-10h4.766c-.649-1.216-.913-2.564-.674-4h-4.092c-1.105 0-2 .896-2 2v14.678c-.002 2.213 2.503 3.322 6.006 3.322 3.498 0 5.994-1.106 5.994-3.322v-8.725c-.635.257-1.34.476-2 .651zm-4 9.396c-.553 0-1-.448-1-1s.447-1 1-1 1 .448 1 1-.447 1-1 1z’ fill=‘%23F7F7FA’/%3E%3C/svg%3E”);

One of the many related threads that must’ve been missed when introducing this in 1.4

Surely one of the most requested features!
Thanks again for implementing in the best possible way.


Hi @Marius,

Looks like we missed this thread!
Thanks for catching that :wink:

Indeed, this functionality was added with 1.4.
For more information on this, please see our dedicated documentation:

Moving to done.