Sorting Colors in Cwicly Global Styles

Sorry for that :pray:

I was thinking of visual only, so that we can group colors by hue, shades, thematics, etc.

But now that you mention it, changing color values could be a nice addition.
Maybe with copy-paste buttons on hover as well?

In addition with better color CSS variables, we could really start theming :wink:


I definitely think this will be useful, the obvious technical consideration is, if by a “logical change” the actual css variables get changed, then they will have to be updated everywhere they are used.

While this could be useful in some contexts, for now, I would be more than happy with a visual change, as it’s the presentation to the person editing the colours that is the main issue (e.g. when new colours are added, there is currently no way to fit them within the existing order, only append them to the end).


That’s true. It would also be easier to implement e.g. Dark Mode. Currently, it’s easier to do it outside of Cwicly (an example of using only a block theme + Site Editor).

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It could also be useful to number the colors in the Global Setting to make it easier to find the one to edit, especially when the colors are closely grouped or similar.

Just to reiterate what others are saying.

This ticket specifically is just for reordering visually.

Normally you’d try to group your colours by brand colours, accents, light backgrounds, dark background etc.

Currently there is a lot of pressure to get your colours right when first setting them up.

Because if in the future you need to add a new light background colour, it’ll be mixed in at the end and not follow your grouping.

So just being able to drag it beside your other light background colours would be super helpful.

The other thing people have mentioned is being able to modify the variable name. I’d really love to see this as well.

Two immediate benefits:

  • it will make reusing sections across different sites a lot easier. Right now you might have a section with the text colour cc-color-4… which could be a primary colour on site A, but a background colour on site B.
  • it allows you to easier implement a dark mode

Hopefully that’s helpful!


I was a bit lazy on the explanations, but this is perfectly sumed up :+1:

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Thanks everyone for your input, and @sunny for going through this meticulously.
I’ll take a look. We should have something in the coming updates.



@Louis , it is not directly mentioned here and is a bit off topic, but when reworking the global colors, maybe there is little chance to also get the ability to apply custom variable names for the colors?! I mean, I won’t need them that much with tailwind anymore, but I’ve created a few plugins which utilizes the color variables, and being more free in terms of the order when the colors are created would remove a lot of pressure when creating the colors the first time :smiley:

As of Cwicly 1.3.2 colours are fully reorderable/rearrangeable via drag/drop so this appears to be done .Thank you Cwicly Team!

As an added bonus, we can also group the colours as well!


Thank you for pointing this out @StrangeTech!

With 1.3.2, you can now reorder global colours by dragging and dropping.


Moving to done.