Please make sure you backup your installation before updating to this latest release

  • New: Colour System

  • New: Dark Mode

  • Improvement: Proper management of videos in tabs, accordions and modals (auto pause when necessary)

  • Improvement: Location field now available for Gallery block

  • Fix: Gallery block → error when return format set to url

  • Fix: Menu and Nav blocks now display all default WordPress menu item classes

  • Fix: Post content styling (max. width / global classes) would not be applied for roles that didn’t have access to a privileged option

  • Fix: Role Editor → Component Library toggle now available

  • Fix: Role Editor → Quick Inserter state will be reflected in the Editor

  • Fix: Attachment URLs would not be properly processed in block link

  • Fix: Prevent infinite loading from overloading browser when applied with filtering

  • Fix: WooCommerce prices with/without tax weren’t properly processed

  • Fix: CSS block regeneration would not regenerate posts CSS in specific circumstances

  • Fix: Responsive values for Component variations would not be saved/applied

  • Fix: :first-child option missing from Relative Styles rules

  • Fix: Copy/Paste issue with core Paragraph block → transformation now done by Cwicly

  • Fix: Lightbox action would not work when added through Component properties

  • Fix: Gallery block → link selectors would not appear in the iFramed editor