Generate global color variables with color name


It would be great to have global color variables with their name, instead of (or in addition to, as aliases) the existing color variables (--cc-color-1, etc.).

Like for instance --cc-brand-dark if color name is “Brand dark”.

See also:


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This lines up nicely with:

As of Cwicly 1.3.2 we can now specify a variable for each global colour, so this appears to be done .Thank you Cwicly Team!

@Araminta, just highlight another done feature request for your collection! :innocent:

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Indeed colors now have a variable name corresponding to their real name, except in Gutenberg blocks where some internal name still seems to be used:


I wish the same name was used so that we can easily maintain some custom CSS for Gutenberg posts.

For instance I use some CSS to automatically adapt text style when adding color background, but I have to adapt it on each site because of the variable names:

.bg-brand, .has-cc-color-1-background-color {
    background-color: var(--brand);
    color: var(--on-brand);
.bg-accent, .has-cc-color-2-background-color {
    background-color: var(--accent);
    color: var(--on-accent);
:is(.bg-brand, .has-cc-color-1-background-color, .bg-accent, .has-cc-color-2-background-color) a {
    text-decoration-color: inherit;
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Tailwind v4 (release expected in June) should help with that in the future, as I expect / hope that Cwicly will embrace it fully to save theme settings.

Yes but I think it has to be independent from TW, if one doesn’t want to activate it.