Need support: Query Filters – Frontend Rendering – WP Grid Builder Facets

I am Tasos from Greece, new here

We are building a website for an Aquarium. It will be used for digital signage screens showing info inside the venue

It has Areas with tanks and tanks have species (fish)
Every area will have a screen to show a page with all area tanks with their species
So we create post categories for areas & species and use tags to connect them
We want to create an areas template to show this info
Then we want this to get multilingual with WPML

This is our Content structure

  1. Areas with tanks
  2. Tanks with species
  3. Species

This is our WP/ACF structure

  1. Areas = posts in “areas” category
  2. Tanks = post tags
  3. Species = posts in “species” category + they have ACF fields (eg. image gallery etc)

We have worked with support and helped us a lot – thx so much!!!

We are now stacked on the current limitations of using query with frontend rendering

Plz check what we have done so far and what we want to combine

  1. Crete Repeater-Query 5 – Crete Aqua
  2. Crete Repeater-Query 6 – Crete Aqua

In /home5 we have filters (tags to filter species per tank) but renedering does not show post content etc
In /home6 w/o the filter you see all the content – but cannot filter species per tank

While searching for a solution we ve seen wp grid builder discussion – so adding some links here

  1. WP Gridbuilder Cwicly Filter
  2. Filtering and sorting a query with select dropdowns

I am asking for your support here:

  1. If this is doable using wp grid builder filters (facets) or another way and
  2. If anyone is willing to work on this as a paid task

Thanks everyone !

Tasos Koukouvitis
Digital Marketing & Ecommerce ● Contact - Experiences.Tech

Hi @tasoskouk

The post content block is not supported when using front-end rendering. You can show the post excerpt using the dynamic values feature in any Cwicly text based block (e.g. Paragraph, Heading, etc).

In order to show the full post with front-end rendering, it requires some custom code and there are security and maintenance considerations when choosing the best approach for this, so care should be taken.

So knowing exactly what content you want to show and how it will be presented is required to properly address this

I had a quick look at the link you provided and can’t see any filters on the page, so it is not clear what is or is not working. Please provide a bit more information about what you have tried and what didn’t work for you.

hello @StrangeTech and thanks so much!

/home5 shows the issues that happen when adding a filter to a page like /home6 (where /home6 shows everything but w/o a filter)

so i need /home6 stuff + filter

issues when adding filter (/home5) - u can see if compare these 2 pages:

  1. grid messes up
  2. no image slider / just one image
  3. per your advice just added a paragraph with post excerpt content but again this is excerpt not content right?

let me know if you believe what i need is doable

  • this page should be converted to a post template for areas (posts) which have tanks (which are tags as filters) to show species posts (fishes) with such a query template (card)
  • need to add wpml