WP Gridbuilder Cwicly Filter

Hi. anyone using wpgridbuilder here?

Im trying to create a fitler and im using query block of cwicly. but filter doesnt work even i added classes and shortcode required for custom filter for wpgridbuilder

I own a license of the plugin, but with Cwiclys internal Filter capabilities it is quite useless since you have way more design control in cwicly and you can create the same filters (or even more complex filters) as you could with WPGridbuilder.

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cwicly doesnt have map facet thats why i used wpgridbuilder. also found and fixed the issue with wpgridbuilder and cwicly . some conflict with acf.


Do share the issue and solution for others!

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Sure. Here is the solution if you face same issue with me with wpgridbuilder + acf + cwicly.

The issue is the custom filter doesnt work if you use cwicly query block and wpgridbuilder when there is acf dynamic data inside the query block. The solution is instead of selecting the acf as the dynamic data, just choose wordpress and select custom field and add the custom field of acf. This works in simple data like text, text area. but for complex data like images, repeaters, what I did is just add a code block and write a custom code.

@Louis maybe there can be a fix for this in future update? not sure if this bug is with acf, cwicly or gridbuilder. most likely its acf and cwicly integration .


Do you have any news on the map filter @Louis ?

Hi Kris,

Same issue here and I’m in desperate need of this. A whole new build will rely on this wpgridbuilder map functionality and I don’t want to switch back to other builders (which by the way: all can manage this wpgridbuilder functionality)

I see you have found a solution. Will you share that code here please? Thanks

what issue do you have?