Menu block can not preview in backend editor

menu block can not preview in backend editor
and the right side panel are not tailwind setting

This seems to be a duplicate of:

There have been similar reports of this in the past that may or may not be related:

Hello @qiang814k,

Thanks for the report.
Can you let me know if there are any errors in the browser console?
Also, are your permalinks set to plain?

As said previously, Tailwind values will not be applied to certain blocks as they contain inner elements that are not currently reachable.

Thanks in advance.


i set this on a fresh new pure WordPress to test 1.4 yesterday.
but today when i open the editor, the header menu block is working like it should be now.
i will report here again, once i got something to explain.
you can move this topic to normal for the moment.


Hi @qiang814k,

Now that the other bug I mentioned has already been fixed:

Perhaps this is also no longer an issue, can you confirm if this is resolved for you also.

it is ok now. cheers

@Araminta, it seems like this can also be moved to Fixed Bugs

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Thank you for bringing this to my attention, @StrangeTech!
And thank you for confirming this on your end, @qiang814k.

Indeed, this was fixed with

Moving to Fixed Bugs.