Indication For Default Values

Hi, I recently stumbled by finding a design error because of inherited values of a section, which you can check out HERE

So, I thought that an indication, when default values are used, would make sense?

This feature request Indicator for default value changed already talked about it, but was only used for custom-css?

I would like more detailed indications in the block editor. Something as simple as the word “Inherit” slightly faded in the fields, or something more advanced like a different color code? Because now inherited values are not displayed.

For Example the image below, with the default values of sections, which are set in the global settings tab. The word “Inherit” or the actual value “150” could give a lot of info. Also an example what I mean by different color code. The orange indicates that the value is inherited. Especially with the Margin where one value is inherited, the other was changed. And if one would go all out the orange dots could display or directly link to the class or global settings where the values are set.

The usage?

  • gives indication that there is already a value set from somewhere.
  • could prevent errors like the one I mentioned with the section
  • could link directly to a class that changes the value, which saves time finding a class

I would like to hear your opinions :blush: