How Do You Manage "Global" Customer Content?

Hi there,

I was wondering how the community manages their data for clients and what best practices you would recommend.

By this I mean “global” data such as company address, opening hours and contact information that can be displayed on multiple pages such as in the footer or header.

Do you give your clients access to the backend or have you developed a frontend solution?

I have created ACF option pages for my customers. There they can easily change their content in a central area. However, this has some drawbacks as it is not fully supported by cwicly at the moment and sometimes requires custom scripts. You can find more information here: Make all dynamic data available for attributes and tooltips

I am very interested in your thoughts and processes on this topic.


I do it exactly like you described.

I also use the ACF options page for Name, Phone number, email and so on. Also the links to social media where we also face limitations with Cwicly at the moment as can be seen here: Issue with ACF select dynamic attribute - #14 by Jonas

For me functionality like this is vital because I want to make it as easy as possible for my clients to work with their website on their own.
But for the most part I’m very happy with Cwicly compared to other themes/builders I tried but there is definitely still room for improvement :slight_smile:

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