Just to checking in to see if filter block works for CPT and ACF already?
I want to filter CPT posts based on the taxonomies.

Hi @jornes,

As I already created this example in response to your other post about this, I am assuming this is not what you need:

What specifically do you want to achieve?

Hi @StrangeTech
Thank you for your response again!

I watched a video from Cwicly. It’s about the filter block. I followed along and I was able to create the filter and filter the CPT posts I have based on my taxonomies. But, one thing I encounter now is that my ACF images did not show up after everything is done.

I have an archive template. By default, I want it to show all the CPT posts. I think I have missed any steps which make the image not showing.

You may have already seen this, but my first recommendation is to check the REST API settings:

If this is not the problem, perhaps taking a closer look at the dynamic fields will reveal whether it is a bug or it can be solved by changing strategy


Hi @StrangeTech
Thanks a lot! It worked after I unchecked it.

Yes! I might have seen that before, but I couldn’t recall what I had previously seen. Hehe!

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I managed to create the filter for my site, finally.
It is awesome. The video is easy to follow (if pay attention).

The outcome:

Glad to hear you managed to achieve this, @jornes!
Thank you @StrangeTech, for hinting Jornes in the right direction.

Did you uncheck the “Require ACF API REST” option in the Cwicly Settings?

If yes, please note that we don’t especially recommend turning this option off, as it does mean that anyone can access any field/information which could pose a privacy issue.

We suggest to our users to have that option enabled, and then activate “Show in REST API” setting for the desired ACF Groups, to ensure maximum security.

However, if you are comfortable with having your ACF fields accessible, feel free to leave it as is.

Hi @Araminta,

Yes. I did.

Okay! Where can I find the “Show in Rest API” setting? I didn’t see such an option when I turned “Require ACF API Rest” on. Please point me to the correct place. Thank you!

Be sure to read more about it at ACF | WP REST API Integration.

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Thank you! @Araminta
I found it. It works as expected too.

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Hi, i am trying to show an image field for a taxonomy field on a query loop, the taxonomy terms are showing and i can see teh place holders for the images on the backend but when i go to the front end the images will. not show. I ahve REST enabled on all, and in the settings i have it required.

If you show how you are displaying it (e.g. source of a background image on a container block or source on an image block) I’m sure the issue will reveal itself.