Filter block, function missing

i tried again again, but i can get move the p in the filter block, is anything i did wrong?

when i release my mouse, p will get out of filter block automatically

seems your function is missing, here the capture from your video

here is the capture from my website

my version is Version

Hello @qiang814k,

The filter block won’t accept any children blocks if it doesn’t have particular options set up (static or dynamic).

Could you possibly share you filter option set up?


thanks for your tips, it’s working now.

can i get your help on this topic
Post tag and query builder page maximum limit function missing - Bugs - Cwicly

hello, Louis,
i am testing the filter function, i tried one day for this, i can not make it work properly,
i am try to fitler by category

  1. fitler setting below

2.query setting below

you can login in with the login info which i send you before if you need.
testing page is here


  2. IFINITE LOAD DOES NOT WORK(scroll and button)

I’m not quite sure what you are trying to achieve here @qiang814k.

If you want to filter by terms inside that belong to the Category taxonomy, then inside your Query block you simply have to set the Taxonomy to Category (since you are filtering the terms inside the Category taxonomy, this is fixed), and set the dynamic filter value to the Terms parameter.

yes, i just want to filter by category, when i click each category name, which can list the posts belong to it.

i did as you told. seems still can not working,

Hi @qiang814k,

You might want to use “slug” as the Field parameter in the Taxonomy Query.

No Luis it doesn’t work…
Can someone expalin us how to use simple categories filters applied to simple posts STEP BT STEP ??
(and finally make a paragraph blocks able to be wrapped from the filters blocks?)
Its almost one month that this question is here… Just make a simple to do list …

Hello @emanuelechiari,

I’m sorry you feel this way.
Could you possibly detail what isn’t working and what steps you have followed?

Hi Luis sorry I didn’t want to hurt anyone… You and your guys are doing an amaizing work.
As qiang814k above I just want to filter my post by its own categories to allow me to just press the name of the 1 filter and have below displayed the posts that are categorized with that term and so on…
I follow all the setup I saw from your viedos and I got the neme of the 3 cats plus the uncategory one, but I can make it works… Setup are the same and I got the 4 categories but when I press the button nothing happen… (on paragraph I set the Dynamic Content to sourse->filter and filter->name) Any ideas?

@emanuelechiari I understand your frustration, and can only apologise for things taking a bit longer than expected.
We do have a video tutorial from @Araminta coming very soon.

I’ll record a quick video for you as soon as InstaWP is working again… Not having much luck with them lately.


Thanks again :slight_smile: for you help

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we all know and true understand you guys are doing amazing job, we all believe cwicly will get succeed ,.

and yes, after i setting “slug” as the Field parameter in the Taxonomy Query., it works now.


  1. IFINITE LOAD DOES NOT WORK(scroll and button), if i remove the filter only list the query IFINITE LOADworks, so i think somewhere have issue with filter here.
  2. the taxonomy terms can not render out in frontend, we can see it in backend(you can check on 找案例 – 创意设计策划平台)
    3.COUNT ITEMS did not work(can not show number out)

please setting like this, FILTER will be works .

another report about filter block work with Query Builder on one page,

after set filter block work with Query Builder(query id mathed, everything works).
the QUERY ID in query builder might change by itself unexpected sometimes( filter block ,Query Builder id not match) when you edit this page(not every time)

Hi @qiang814k,

Not sure how the Query ID inside the Query editor changed. Were you able to replicate this multiple times?

emm…, after i setting up filter block work with Query Builder(manually setting query id matched.), i may need edit this page again and again for other setting except query id, some times i found this page does not work any more, then i will find the query id matched issue(Query Builder query id changed. filter block id did not) .

this happened not only on one page, so , i guess it is a problem which need to report

by the way , have you see this report above?

Hi @qiang814k,

We have not experienced Query ID changes on our side, so I’d be grateful if you could provide me with a clear step-by-step reproducible workflow where this is happening.

Infinite Loading is not yet supported in Frontend Rendering, this has been noted several times.

Current taxonomy terms are currently not supported as they require specific logic that we are currently looking into.

For count items, please give me a step-by-step reproducible workflow where this is happening.

Thanks in advance.

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Query ID changes: this does not happen every time, Emm, let’s put it here for the moment. i will keep tracking on it.

Hi @emanuelechiari,

You might want to check Raw filter block and categories