Filter block, function missing

Hi Luis, yes now I can understand why I had a lot of problems… my query-1 and filers setups at the end were exactly as are in your video… but my query doesn’t work…so I build another query-2 and it does work. So after some test I discover that the problem maybe could be that I put inside the main div of the query template also a taxony term block (to display the category of each posts).
So the query-1 doens’t work
If I put a taxonomy term block inside the new query-2 the taxonomy term block simply doesn’t work, it is in the html but it doesn’t display anything in the front end (in the back end it works) so maybe you have something to investigate. Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @emanuelechiari,

Indeed. As I said:

But this shouldn’t create an issue with the filter itself.

May I ask if you are using the latest Cwicly version?

Oh I missed this,
the query-2 where everything works except for the taxonomy term that doesn’t display nothing was
The query-1, same setup but on the front end the filters buttons didn’t make any change s was on another computer I’m preatty sure that was the previous release… I let you know tomorrow :smile:

Query ID auto changes issue update: for example,

  1. the filter page which is working very well.
  2. i only edit the page(only remove pagination number and trying add two dynamic button) just now. then update, it looks like this

    3, after check it because the query build id change automatically again (before all query and filter block was set 336, but it query block id was changed by itself to 1), so i have to change it back to 336 again

“Query ID auto change” was happened in these two days for more than 10 times(not every time),

I am sure it is not normal, Master!

@Louis : you notified that the infinite scrolling is not yet implemented for filter system. Is it something planned?

Hello @qiang814k,

We found this to be happening with custom set Query IDs. It should be fixed in You will need to re-enter your custom Query ID if wanted.

If you still encounter the issue, please let us know by replying to this thread or contacting support.


Hello @weedor,

Yes, infinite scrolling for Frontend Rendering will be implemented soon. We’re just finishing the logic behind it.