End of Cwicly - Where and how to migrate to?

I’ve yet to dive in to bricks though it’s on my to-do list. I’m curious how you replaced your query/filter bocks in Bricks, does it have a filter block equivalent, and if it does it just for WC?

I think this is why people have some hope (myself included) but even with no new features, this (in my optimistic little mind), means the continuation of cwicly into the future. There’s a valid argument to say it’s not worth the risk of building new sites with cwicly, but at the moment, I still plan to build some smalller sites with it, based on the understanding that I may have to rebuild them at some point in the future if things change.

It’s encouraging seeing comments about other people’s experiences of switching to different builders, I don’t imagine it will be that difficult for most sites, and I expect it will become easier in time as other builders become more advanced (and catch up with cwicly).

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Fed up with Wordpress, I switched to a sleeker stack: React, Tailwind CSS, Firebase, and GitHub for a more streamlined and scalable web development experience.

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Well, I understand your point of view but I can’t relate. For me the learning curve was about the same as for other similar tools. Maybe the Cwiclys structure is somehow compatible with how my mind works because it did not take long for me to understand the “Cwicly language”.

That’s why I’m still sad that this tool might be gone fore good. I’m sure I can adapt to Bricks or something similar but I’m pretty sure it is not going to be fun for me to work with these other tools.

I still have cautious hopes that the journey will continue one way or another.

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Also I see your point about the bugs. I faced several as well. But: they were fixed usually very quickly.

It seems that you did not report all of the bugs you are talking about. While you reported 9 bugs, I reported 39 (it was even more because some were dealt with via email). 32 of them got fixed in a timely manner. So this was not really an issue for me at all.

I absolutely agree! Especially the GDPR stuff is terrible and a pain in the…!

Otherwise I’m not a programmer. I would describe myself more like “tech savvy” so Cwicly was the perfect tool for me because I was able to build almost anything I could imagine without knowing much about PHP, mysql and so on.

The Cwicly is far ahead all wp builders. Hope they will come back.

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*Ahead, sorry - my bad :smiley:

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Can’t believe @sridhar 's comments are flagged and hidden. He’s a talented guy with a lot of experience and i would like to see what he has to say. :grimacing:

He replied to several statements regarding one of his plugins, which is absolutely fine imo, especially when there might be some misinformation included.

Imagine giving a single user the power to decide whether other users’ comments are displayed or censored, it’s a total joke and a shame that this is even possible here.

But apparently, no one cares anymore what happens here.
Just be prepared getting censored at any time. If you are fine with that, everything is :ok_hand:


I don’t know about other cases of posts being flagged. There has been a few but I haven’t seen the messages so I can’t really comment. In this particular case, @sridhar was discussing issues/bugs/claims about a different plugin. Although there wasn’t anything improper with what he said or how, I do think it is not the place to discuss such bugs of Oxygen or other plugins.
Maybe it would have been enough for a moderator to get involved and say take the discussion elsewhere. But yeah, in my opinion, it wasn’t the place for these posts.

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Of course you don’t :smiling_face_with_tear:


Do you believe it’s important what you think?
In case there are inappropriate posts or topics, there are people here taking care of it.

You are not reporting an, in your opinion, inappropriate post.
You are censoring people straight away. Who are you?

@sridhar has all rights to present us his version of the situation.

I’m not sure if you are aware of it already.
Cwicly is dead and people are discussing other tools to move forward.
This also includes potential problems of specific tools.
And this is the very right forum and also topic to do so.

In fact, this is the most important reason why this forum is still relevant for most people.
So please. Stop lying. Stop censoring.

Community, question: Breakdance for simple projects, what are your thoughts?

Absolutely @DenisKozeev.

If site performance isn’t priority, you are aware of and fine with its limitations, and you trust the founder, it’s a decent choice to quickly build simple, solid projects.
I’d recommend to give it a try for at least one build to collect some insights.

Community is quite helpful, which is important, as their support is very slow and often useless.

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Yes, I flagged a post in July 2023. am I evil? I don’t remember what it was. I probably felt it was the right thing to do. If I was wrong, I am more than open to discuss it.

When I referred to “other cases of posts being flagged” I was referring to recent posts from you (@Marius) and @JulianM . I saw they were flagged but didn’t see the content. Can’t judge. @JulianM usually shares his opinions without filtering (something I respect a lot). But some of his latest posts were flagged. Maybe they shouldn’t have been. I don’t know. I didn’t see the content. Only saw they were flagged. Was surprised to see you flagged. That’s what I meant when referring to posts being flagged.

Maybe. Yes. Just like all other community members. I said more than once that the community is as important as the product. So honestly I believe that our opinion is important. You, to me, are one of the most important voices in this community.

Did I censor him because I asked “is this an Oxygen discourse?”?

I think you know I am aware.
Cwicly shutting down is really bad for people depending on it. It’s a blow for people that created designs and builds for clients that they need to maintain and they cannot even export as themes for other sites. I get it.

If my income depended on Wordpress/Cwicly, I would probably try to move the community to a different place where it’s possible to discuss everything freely without having Cwicly owning the entire communication channel. Luis could close this discourse again without prior notice. Basically I would move the community to a place where discussion would be owned by the community as appose to Cwicly.

But all of this doesn’t change the fact that in my opinion discussing bugs of a different plugin shouldn’t be done in the discourse of Cwicly.

Hello @Marius,

I would prefer we not spread misinformation here.

It’s important to note that flagged posts are temporarily hidden until reviewed by an admin or moderator, which has been done in this case.

Your recent remarks hint at a perception of censorship within our forum, which I’m not aware of. I’d be grateful if you could forward me posts or threads that might have been flagged/removed so I can take a closer look.

Every user holds the right to flag posts that may appear inappropriate or violate forum rules. Let’s continue to work together to maintain the integrity of our community.

For your information: The future of Cwicly



I have high hopes for this one. No more shortcodes, no bloats. Clean HTML. Streamlined UI.

And, they’ve been around for a long time, still running lifetime licenses.

The founder is always communicating, can find support with their chat.

I couldn’t even use Cwicly on a single project with a lifetime license from AppSumo.

Try The Divi 5 Alpha Demo Today! (elegantthemes.com)

Interesting. Good on them for wanting to reinvent the builder. Divception was a major reason I could never take it seriously, even with as popular as it was.

This is a step in the right direction.