CSS core framework

i’ve just discovered that the oxyninja team re-built their coreframework and rebrand the whole thing : https://coreframework.com/
And i have to say that i’m very impressed with what they’ve done : it’s a free plugin for gutenberg, and paid plugin for oxy and bricks (except for those who had bought the oxyninja licence).
But you can also use it without having to install any plugin : you can play around into their webapp to generate your css stylesheet and copy paste it into the cwicly stylesheets :slight_smile:

It’s an interesting concept.
Just watched Adam Lowe’s walkthrough.
It’s very early though (Adam pointed out quite a few important things I fully agree with), still something I could imagine using or at least trying out on custom builds.

Thanks for sharing.
Interested to hear more opinions about it.

yeah i haven’t tried yet on a real website

Nicely done, but not as customizable as some custom SCSS :wink:

For instance, it seems there’s no way to define a color or custom shade or transparency relatively to another color (using generated HSL variables).

That’s why I would like Cwicly to generate (on demand per color, to prevent bloat) H, S, L variables and add the ability to use variables to define colors.
(See this, this and this.)

Another example: Spaces are defined with scales like fonts.
I’ve also built a few sites like this, but in the end, I’ve found out that scales don’t work well with spaces, and I prefer using multipliers applied on a medium space.

Also, there’s no way to define custom fluid variables like for instance a hero font-size which would go from text-l on mobile to text-5xl on big screens.

That said, UI is great and potential is huge!
Ability to generate classes or not per color is great, using custom prefixes for variables and classes is nice, etc.

This kind of tool should be included in all pro page builders, at least those targeting freelances or agencies.

@yankiara i totally agree, this should not be an addon, it should be integrated inside every builder

I tried it with Cwicly using the Gutenberg extension and by creating a global stylesheet. Using the Gutenberg plugin there is some corruption with the icons in the Cwicly block options panel and the styles didn’t seem to load in the editor. Using a global stylesheet with the extension disabled, the icon corruption was still there, so probably something in the styles. The styles were loaded in the editor. It seemed there were some Cwicly styles that had to be cleared out, but I’m sure someone could get it working if they wanted to. There is a video on my YouTube channel.

I think that the Core Framework has a lot going for it, but the planned integration with Tailwind should be much better as it will be integrated with the UI, have mechanisms for avoiding unused classes and variables, etc.