Define global colors with CSS

Hi all,
Currently evaluating Cwicly (coming from O2 and Bricks) :wink:

Since I use some custom SCSS to generate CSS color variables, I would love the ability to define global colors with these variables:

hsl(var(--brand-hue) 40% 95%)
hsla(var(--color-hsl) / 0.1)

It seems it’s possible in blocks color inputs but not in global color definitions.

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In the Cwicly Settings there is an option to turn on support for SCSS. The PHP SCSS compiler for WP doesn’t have all of the features but I think it may cover the type of thing you showed. I’d try turning that on and then adding your colors to a global style sheet and see how that works.

Hi David,

Thanks for your reply, but I’m talking about defining global colors in Cwicly UI, so that they are available as swatches everywhere in the builder.

As for the SCSS, yes it’s already possible to define everything in a stylesheet :slight_smile: