Copy Paste Remains Annoying

Does anyone know why copy and pasting is still so unreliable? It seems almost every other time I try to copy paste and it just won’t copy or it won’t paste. I don’t understand what goes wrong? Maybe someone knows more in-depth about this.

Not sure if this is caused by cwicly itself. It seems that cwicly is using the native Gutenberg Copy & Paste feature.

What I found to be working good is not selecting anything via the navigation/structure panel, but selecting the blocks right inside the editor.

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I agree this is indeed very frustrating.

What I noticed is that most of the time copy and paste KEYBOARD SHORCUTS actions don’t work when any other action has been done on the selected block, even transparent or neutral actions like changing inspector panel tab or closing/opening a panel, etc.

So you need to CTRL-C as soon as the source block is selected, BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE, then you need to select destination block and CTRL-V BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE as well.

Like if the block focus was lost when doing something else.

Note that it is the same when using the WP navigation panel instead.

With right click menu Copy action, it seems it’s working all the time, but we still don’t have the past action… And anyway this is too slow compared to shortcuts.

Another noticeable thing is that WP notification is not the same when using keyboard shortcuts and right click menu. So there might be multiple codes interfering.

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Hi @boris,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Sorry to hear you, @Wolfgang and @yankiara are experiencing trouble with copy/paste.

As discussed in this thread, we have unfortunately been unable to reproduce these errors on our side after a multitude of tests:

If one of you three could provide more information on:

  • Does this exclusively happen in the site editor?
  • Does this happen in a specific browser, or across all browsers?
    What browser do you use where you have experienced this?
  • Are you using a Mac or Microsoft OS?
  • Does this happen on the demo instance? (to make sure it isn’t another plugin or theme causing the issue)

Just trying to see if there might be a pattern here.
Thank you in advance.

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I’m using the latest Chrome on MacOS on a paid plan with the Cwicly theme. It happens whenever I try to copy, in all site editing environments of Cwicly.

Thank you for providing more details @boris.

Strangely enough I too use Chrome on a Mac OS, but have never experienced any copy/paste issue.

Could you possibly try a demo instance, and confirm that it doesn’t happen there either?
Perhaps there is an issue that is particular to your installation?

Thank you.

For me it is Windows 11 with Chrome and Firefox.
Tested on Cwicly sandbox with Brave, same issue.
Tested editor with templates, pages, posts.

Additionnal notes:

CTRL-C issue is much more sensitive than CTRL-V. I mean focus is almost always lost for CTRL-C when doing stuff in inspector, whereas CTRL-V is much more usable.
For instance, if I select a block, change font size, then click outside of the font size input to remove focus from input, CTRL-C never works, but CTRL-V does work.

When clicking on a block in structure panel, then doing stuff in inspector panel, I can’t even get the focus back when clicking again on the same block in structure panel. I have to click on another block, then click again on the block and then the focus is back and I can use CTRL-C or CTRL-V.

Hope that helps!

I just hopped into a demo instance, it’s no difference.

Just to make clear what I did in the past:

  • tested on 3 different operating systems
  • tested on 4 different devices
  • tested on 3 different browsers (4 on Mac) across all these devices
  • tested on both local and live environments on all devices and across all browsers

Clean installs, clicking through the onboarding process not making any changes, no other changes were made inside the settings. I always went directly to a template (tested with index and a custom one).

It’s hard to follow that this can’t be reproduced and only a couple of users are facing this.
Kinda reminds me of this mystery.

@Araminta, can you confirm that when in the site editor, importing a template from the design library (e.g. Courbes), you do not run into any issues when copying and pasting every single block for testing purposes, following this pattern:

  1. selecting a block
  2. ctrl/cmd + c
  3. ctrl/cmd + v
  4. repeat with the next block

Are you saying you have or you haven’t got the same issue?

I have @boris, as you can read in the thread Araminta linked when replying you.
I’m not hunting for potential issues other users face with such a massive effort lol.

There are other threads where this issue is brought up. You can search for them. It’s important to note though that there were several changes / improvements made to address it.

This is a mystery indeed. I have just tested here on Mac + Chrome-based browser and copy/paste works well for me in both the Page and Site editors.

The only issue I encountered was:

I do recognise this may happen in certain instances and at the same time out of habit I never assume the focus after interacting and always re-select the block either in the editor or in the navigator.

When testing this today, it worked for me, but I only spent 5 minutes doing it, perhaps there is a specific condition/scenario that affects it we could narrow down and isolate.

I was able to replicate the issue doing it specifically with Courbes. When I just added div, heading and paragraph blocks to a template, I did not experience this issue at all.

The copy/paste seems randomly blocked and inconsistent using Courbes - sometimes paste didn’t work at all and other times it pasted in completely the wrong place. There are clearly one or more very specific issues affecting this that are included in the Courbes template.

Unfortunately, I can’t confirm this. This also happens with any random Composition from the library and with every template I create from scratch.
It is a general issue and is not connected to a specific design set.
It might be the case though that the designs might share specific patterns which causes this issue.

One more button here, another image there - and there you’d go as well :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the clarification, @Marius.

I can confirm I don’t run into any copy/paste issues following your specific steps, see here.
So yes, strange.

I doubt that it is related to a specific design.

Thanks for bringing this up, @StrangeTech.
We are aware of this, but I’ll let @Louis explain this in more detail as it is rather technical.

Thank you for taking the time to detail these steps, @yankiara.

We’ll be sure to experiment further on this and get back to you as soon as we have more information.
Thank you for your patience.

@Araminta, The way I was able to replicate it was selecting via the Navigator rather than in the editor.

Images, sections and other blocks randomly did not paste after copying.

Thanks for confirming @Araminta (no need for visual proof :face_with_peeking_eye:).

Unfortunately, I can’t confirm this either.
Blocks that cause issues with the Navigator have the same issue on the canvas, and vice versa, regardless of what I’m selecting first (navigator or canvas) - even directly after page load.