Component not showing in Filter ~ Frontend Rendering

The component is not showing when using filter ~ frontend Rendering.

Environment info

  • WordPress version: 6.2.2
  • Cwicly Plugin version: 1.3-beta

Hi @dennis77,

This isn’t a bug per say.

Currently components don’t support frontend rendering, as the complex logic it entails, has not yet been worked on.
For the moment we’re focused on making sure everything works smoothly with “normal” rendering.

Rest assured, we do plan for this in the future.

Thank you for your understanding.

Not sure this is covered elsewhere. I searched but couldn’t see.

I have a simple Query with posts. For the card, I used a component, to standardize across the site. Here are the results:

  • When I have Front-end Rendering turned on, the component card doesn’t render on the front.
  • With Front-end Rending off, it works fine.
  • With Front-end Rending on, but I use the same card made up of the basic Cwicly blocks, without it being a Component, it also works fine.

This might need to be looked at.

Maybe duplicate of this as the filter part is not related to the issue:

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Hi @owynter,

As pointed out by @StrangeTech, your post joins @dennis77’s report.

As stated above, the implementation of the complex logic required for this functionality is on our radar and will be addressed in due course.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks for clarifying!

I just came across this issue too which led me to this topic (thanks for this forum!!)

I tried to fallback on the core WP “Synced Pattern” feature and it seems to have the same issue unfortunately.

I look forward to this feature!

@Louis & @Araminta, just highlighting this as it currently limits the widespread use of components on the development side within queries as it is too risky to use them in case filtering or asynchronous refreshing is required at any point.

As components are ideal for implementing elements like cards and post items, it will be very, very useful to have them available for use with frontend rendering.

Also, if components were working, we could have implemented a clean workaround for our clients using components for this issue :wink: :

I would like to include my +1 to @StrangeTech 's comment above. It would be awesome to be able to use a single component for all the different Product queries (with filters) I have throughout the website.

Hello @StrangeTech and @zeinnicholas,

While I can’t give you a precise time yet, this is something I want to address quite soon. Thanks for bringing it up.



This is very good news, thank you @Louis, sincerely appreciated.