Components beta is out now :magic_wand::sparkles:

Experience the power of components in #WordPress, available from your dashboard :star_struck:

Let us know what you think :thought_balloon:

:link: Login - Cwicly


First, :+1: up for the component module!

One thing I ‘hoped’ for, it was compatible with frontend rendering turned on. Is this something what will be available in the final version?

Like, fragments and reusable blocks don’t work either at the moment with frontend rendering turned on.

Add a post in bugs ‘Component not showing in Filter ~ Frontend Rendering’.

Hey there, just a quick question - is there any fixed period planned for the beta?

I will likely not be able to start testing until this weekend at the earliest.

There will be multiple beta phases according to the latest live stream @Wolfgang.
Will probably take some weeks until the components will arrive in the stable version.
No need to hurry imo, I’m kinda in the same boat as you.