All breakpoints mode

It may be useful to have a way to apply your styles to the base breakpoint regardless of which one you are currently in.

This will be very useful in the case of a client or editor who only does basic text formatting changes and/or adds components.

They may add a component or block in the lg breakpoint and then apply styling to it, not realising their styles haven’t been applied (for example to the smaller breakpoints in a mobile first approach, or the larger breakpoints in desktop-first approach).

Having this “All breakpoints” mode, would simplify the editing experience for them and prevent confusion.

This can potentially be toggled from within the Role Editor.


Brilliant, I like these innovating ideas :slight_smile:

I think I would also like a toggle inside the editor, so that as admin I can quickly switch mode, and edit global styling while previewing any breakpoint view.

Yes, I was thinking the same thing also.

As it will help with these kinds of situations:

I encountered this issue numerous time. I integrate a website on the large breakpoint… but -of course- styles only apply to the biggest breakpoint.

Like I commented on this feature request:

It would be really handy to be able to select/change a breakpoint / state via a right click or better to allow us to rename the classe directly via a double-click on the class label. It would be even faster especially for groups.

I like this too :+1: