Ability to configure all user settings defaults via the Role Editor

Currently in Cwicly there are multiple places that different types of user settings can be configured.

  1. The Role Editor
  2. The Globals > Settings tab
  1. The Navigator Settings dialog
    Screenshot 2024-02-25 at 17.29.14

The Role Editor can be configured by an admin for any user or user role, the other settings are configured on a per user basis and to edit them requires the user to be logged with the editor open.

When we want to provide defaults for clients/editors, the above system works for a small number of users that are created up front.

For larger projects/companies that have a lot of WordPress users, or for scenarios where more users are created later either by the client themselves or dynamically by WordPress, it is not possible to provide defaults given the current setup.

Representative example case study: a company has 7 branches and over 100 employees, they need a website with a blog where each employee can post from their own user account.

As Cwicly is becoming more and more full-featured, the number of these types of settings will only likely increase, so we are requesting to have all of these user settings configurable via a dedicated section in the Role Editor.

Thank you Cwicly team!

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