Add padding option for Slider Navigation

I am styling the slider on my site. I noticed that the padding option is missing for the navigation.

Why not using icon blocks to gain full control?
You also could do it via Relative Styling to take benefit of the block properties.

I get your point, but when starting with padding, why not continuing with border, box-shadow, transforms, different hover behaviors, etc.

Plus, I think the slider block will be reworked soonish, so not sure if options will be added.

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Hey @Marius
I thought the slider block should have at least what it’s supposed to have. Most users who come to Cwicly wouldn’t expect to do things separately for a slider block. Hehe!

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Just added some thoughts here, your suggestion will be untouched.

I just checked the new dynamic slider options and there, it’s solved in a very smart way:

Everything comes down to Relative Styling, it’s just one click away.
Full control over default and hover styling.

I’d expect the identical implementation when (or if) the slider block receives an update.

Thanks for replying, @Marius
Dynamic Slider? I can only see the Slider. When I click on the setting of the slider, I don’t see such a screen as you posted. Am I missing anything?


I think that was already a topic here.

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Thanks, @Marius

I forgot about this reply from Louis!