Slider to show posts / CPT / Products

Thanks for the help on this. Feels like I can’t quite get this right, though.

Since updating to most recent Cwicly build, the slider functionality has been lost.
Have you experienced this with any of your builds?


Currently getting this console error.

Do you think it might be due to how Cwicly loads JS?

@owynter yes, the error it’s simply because that the script that calls the Swiper is above the swiper.js script.
So in the tool (code snippets, etc.) that you have added the script (const swiper = new Swiper(‘.swiper’,…), just make sure it calls it in the footer and has a lower priority (iif you look at the code source of the page it’s bellow the swiper.js script)

Thanks! This works perfectly

The snippet was placed on the page based on the earlier conversations we had.
Moved it to the code snippets plugin with a super high (or low) priority so it runs after swiper.js is initialized.

Works great now.

@alex, any thoughts on how to use the slider with a gallery?

Tried a similar process, but maybe I’m missing a trick.

Thanks for your patience everyone.

Introduced in, directly accessible from the Query Template, Repeater and Taxonomy Terms block.

Feedback welcome while we improve on things :slight_smile:


Awsome I would appreciate if there is any video on how to setup!

Docs should help you get started :+1:


That’s amazing, finally :heart_eyes:
Can’t wait to get my hands on.

Well done / bien joué team!

@Louis Amazing job! Thanks for making dynamic slider light weight (splide). Appreciate your efforts!

@dranzer is it? :exploding_head:
That was my first thought when I read the changelog, but then I thought naaaah, can’t be

@Marius Shocking indeed. It is amazing how Louis writes big features in changelog as just nothing happen.


@dranzer I just checked the slider options - it’s insanity.
Even a dedicated tab for accessibility :joy: :+1:

So unfortunate I can’t play with it right now…

Amazing work Louis. Responsive settings are not working properly

Hi @kane,

Thanks, we’re onto this right now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

This should be fixed in

Thanks for the report.


@Louis, I’m nominating you for some Nobel prize. Certainly doing a lot to create peace in the WordPress world!


@Louis, can the dynamic slider be extended to include the gallery block as well?


This is a really great addition with lots of customization options! Brilliant!

It would be nice if the arrows could be placed elsewhere though. In the documentation, there’s a nice layout with the prev and next arrows in the bottom right corner.(docs for the static slider) I tried setting the margin for the arrows but I can’t style/set the previous and next arrow separately. Also tried custom css but it didn’t have effect so far.