Option to auto-unfold blocks in the Navigator

The new enhancements to the Navigator added in 1.4.1 are very welcome and excellently done.

The new right click options for folding/unfolding are very useful, however, the change to have the blocks folded by default does now require additional clicks every time we open a page or template.

I know we now have the ability to right click to unfold child blocks, but this requires two clicks every time and as the Navigator is one of the UI elements we interact with most when developing this can add up.

Based on this, we have the following requests for enhancement:

  1. A setting in the Role Editor to auto-unfold all descendant blocks when opening a block.
  2. Shift+click the arrow for the block to invert the current behaviour and unfold all descendants - this will be faster than right clicking and choosing Unfold All

Thank you Cwicly team!

Hello @StrangeTech,

Thank you for the positive feedback!

To unfold/fold all blocks in one go, you can use the shortcut Alt + L.

While the shortcut proves to be a quick way to achieve this, you can also set a default behaviour by opening the Navigator settings modal (preference is saved per user):

I do like this suggestion. Definitely something to consider in the next few updates. Thanks!


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Ahhhh thank you @Louis! So many new features that I didn’t spot this one!

Great! :+1:

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Hey @Louis.

Thank you so much for another amazing Navigator update.
I love these regular and well balanced in-between QOL improvements.

I know there’s a global shortcut area to explore everything in detail.
What’s your thoughts on adding them in the Navigator context menu as well, like:

I think this makes sense getting used to them over time.


Hi @Marius,

is there already a request for this feature? I couldn’t find one.


Nope, feel free to create one @T-low.
Much appreciated :sunglasses:

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Hello @Marius and @T-low,

Thanks for the proposition!

We’ll have it ready for the next update:



Darnit and I was just about to send the request :rofl:

Thank you a lot @Louis :heart:

Would probably change the delete option from Shift + Alt + Z to Ctrl + X since it has easier access with saving and duplication.

Maybe also add Ctrl + X to the Keyboard shortcuts collection.



Added in

The current implementation works really well, so this can be marked as done!

Thank you @Louis and the Cwicly team!

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