Please make sure to regenerate your HTML & CSS once updated

  • Fix: Replace Gallery (and masonry functions) flex display with CSS Grid

  • Fix: Make sure to set fallback values for Tablet and Mobile breakpoints in case they don’t exist in post css generation

  • Fix: Visibility conditions post type would only load first 10 post types available

  • Fix: Make Cwicly resets on <a> less specific.

  • Fix: Cwicly block inspector scrollbar: account for the extra header when editing with small viewports inside the Gutenberg editor

  • Fix: Block navigation shouldn’t be triggered when inputs are focused

  • Fix: Reset block editing modals if out of the viewport

  • Fix: Do not allow full reset of height and fixed height in dynamic slider when direction is set to vertical

  • Fix: Global Stylesheets: selector grouping → make sure to apply specificity checks even if selector contains body

  • Fix: Frontend Rendering: check that current selected element belongs to Query ID

  • Fix: Make sure Gutenberg link control doesn’t overflow