We are planning a WooCommerce integration, but this has to be a complete integration from product queries to product pages and accounts.

It’s a big step and we have to make sure we have everything set out.
If you have specific items you’d like covered, don’t hesitate telling us.


:star_struck: Eagerly Waiting! Please implement these features as well Wishlist, compare, Quick view, and recently visited products.


Oh, yeah. We are waiting the release from 2021.nov.26. (After 2022.feb.17… After with Cwicly 1.1 update…)


Just wanted to ask about WooCommerce update timeframe @Louis ?

If you have ANY timeframe whatsoever, it would be a big help! It’s just so I can say to my clients how long will they have to wait.


Hello @Normaali,

This is a complicated question to answer as my last message updates on the WooCommerce integration have only made things worse since we weren’t able to keep up with our timeframes.

I know and appreciate the patience all Cwicly users have shown throughout these months, but we do believe in providing the best we can do. Otherwise, we’ll be blocked in the future.

As I said previously, an integration is ready, and is impressive in its own right.

BUT, we are not happy with the route we’ve chosen, and I’ll be brief, because it basically follows the “old” way of providing a template solution for WooCommerce. Basically, everything is PHP based, when at the same time, we see that WooCommerce itself is heading the JS way.
An example of the “old” way is the Comments form customisation we provide. Yes it works, but it just isn’t modern in its architecture.

That is why we haven’t released the WooCommerce integration, and won’t in its current form.

We want to provide a modern experience with WooCommerce, which means that mostly everything should pass by the WooCommerce API (which is now stable). This means infinite flexibility on our side, and a phenomenal performance increase.

It’s coming and we’re working hard to get it out as soon as possible!


Thank you for the update. It’s good to hear that there has been some improvements and developments, so happy for that.

Even if the timeframe is far in the future, it’s good to know, because I can now say something to my clients.

And I want to thank you guys for your hard work, i know that everyone in this community appreciates you guys!! :heart: :heart:


The problem is that you don’t really know what to say to your clients.
Back in the day we put our trust in the Cwicly team on APPsumo because they promised something (woocommerce editing) that no one else on the market at the time did, and mostly not in the same quality as others.

  • Full WooCommerce support (all pages customisable from A to Z)
  • Cwicly’s WooCommerce full integration will be launching with WordPress 5.9

With ACF, with gutenberg and with woocommerce features (in one pack), it promises something we’ve been longing for for years.

On some hunch, we only bought 3 licenses because the description also promised that appsumo customers could upgrade later at a discount.

We bought it in November 2021. We were already promised then that the upgrade would be here soon. Now 18 May 2022.

Of course, praise for communication and honesty, nevertheless, we must admit customer disappointment is fully understandable and acceptable. This is not what was promised, this is not what we paid for.

Since then we have delivered 3 webshops to our customers. We are looking forward to finally being able to use cwicly’s system. You just keep stretching and stretching and stretching the story like a pastry. Without any real resolution or comping.


I’m just poking around and seeing how active and helpful this community is. I haven’t purchased Cwicly yet, and the main reason is Gutenberg and WooCommerce. Gutenberg for not being a good fit for my needs, and WooCommerce for being too convoluted. So I understand completely well why youre delaying the release. Working with WC is very hard!

That being said, I loved the preview on the filters implementation. Finally someone that understands UI/UX!

I have a few suggestions to make, and if you can make them work, I’ll drop every tool I’m using right now and will convert all my stores to Cwicly!

So here’s the list, coming directly from the most requested features my clients ask:

1 - [Deal Breaker] Faceted Filter: Support for Variations
(see: Brace yourselves: new product filtering by attributes is coming – Develop with WooCommerce);
2 - Variation Swatches;
3 - Ajax Search;
4 - Off-canvas Mini Cart with auto-trigger on add-to-cart;
5 - Product/Term carousel (query builder: related, recently viewed, upsells, etc.);
6 - Infinite Scroll/Load More Pagination (bonus points for individual “order-by” and “count” blocks, so we can place them wherever we want);
7 - Quantity +/- buttons;
8 - Custom names for cart and add-to-cart everywhere;
9 - Vertical/horizontal/none gallery thumbs (with responsive show/hide);
10 - Ajax enabled notification messages (info, success, warnings, etc);

I’m not sure if this exists, but I need to be able to sticky a lot of stuff.

My personal request:
11 - Sort/Order-by: make it touch friendly. Customers often have difficulty on using the select input, especially if it’s something like select2 on mobile. It’s not a good experience. A drop-over/modal with radio options that we can style (for example, with custom CSS and icons) would be awesome!

If you can deliver the first half, I’m sold! I’ll learn to accept Gutenberg and look past its shortcomings. =)

Thanks for opening this space for feedback, and most importantly for listening! :pray:


Hi Louis. Interesting to know Cwicly is going to implement woo features via modern REST api instead of the traditional php based templates approach. I guess yours will be the first page builder to do so. I have no doubt this approach will be more flexible than the default woo implementation in terms of layout. Are there any benchmarks comparing woo’s php based implementation vs rest api based implementation in terms of performance?

I consulted a few woo devs. They said that going through modern store api will break compatibility with existing 3rd party woo plugins. I am okay with that since we already use woo based blocks which also does not have compatibility with 3rd party plugin unless they also use the modern api.

:unamused: :sleeping: Maybe in 2023 I’ll consider Cwicly, when the WooCommerce integration is (finally) there. E-commerce is booming, developers have hands full of E-commerce projects, Cwicly is missing out on that part.

Yes. We should see Cwicly’s woo blocks next year. I think Louis is waiting for woo to finish some items from their roadmap. If you see the recent progress woo did a lot of work to accommodate their new api based blocks. Native woo cart, checkout and filters blocks use their new api. They will soon start working on single product page based on the new api. I think Louis is letting the woo core team tackle few important things. So Cwicly can reduce the time spent on developing woo blocks using the new api. I am pretty sure when Cwicly release their woo blocks - they will be the most powerful woo builder and without the need to have jQuery. You can track woo team progress here. Commits · woocommerce/woocommerce-blocks · GitHub

I know it can be hard to develop woo sites with Cwicly right now. I suggest using core woo blocks, use css wherever required or may be some external woo blocks for the time being.

Thanks, thanks sounds logical.

It would be good if @Louis would keep us in the loop, letting us know if this is the issue, or something else. Lack of communication is often perceived as lack of interest, therefore, lack of care for the customer. The only thing I read, is that WC integration has been promised (too) long ago, with missed deadlines and unfulfilled goals. Hence, my not so happy sentiments.

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I’m putting a plug in here for a sub-feature:

I’m assuming/hoping that the WooCommerce blocks will provide some kind of Cwicly-native WooCommerce “My Account” functionality replacement. If/when that happens, please consider elevating it to be WooCommerce agnostic, so it can be used as a front-end user portal for any kind of Wordpress (membership) site, complete with User Account ACF field support for user profiles, update password, delete account, etc.

Hi there,

Also give us an option to hide checkout fields, and add additional fields, and custom login pages.


I want to unite my voice with those of us who have spoken earlier to say that we are anxiously waiting for Woocommerce to be up and running. I am very much aware that Woo is not an easy task having used over 5 different page builders. I so much believe from what Cwicly is doing presently that Louis and his ever-indefatigable team will give us the best Woocommerce among all page builders out there.
Having said that, almost all the elements needed have been mentioned here.

Custom Single Product Builder
Custom archive Product Builder
Add to cart
Related products
Product Title
Bread crumbs
Product Info
Product Except
Quick View
Product Price
Frequently viewed Products
Star Rating
These elements and others will help create a custom eCommerce site

The way Oxygen builder did Woocommerce is really unique. I have not seen that elsewhere. There are many custom elements to achieve whatever custom design you can conceive. Some others you can achieve via code snippets.
I guess Cwicly will be more powerful because there are many processes in Oxygen builder which
I use to achieve via javascript and many other snippets, but they are natively built into Cwicly.


I know, i should never rush developers while they’re working but… every day i dream that, opening the Facebook group, there will be news of the release of the dedicated solution for WooCommerce by Cwicly! I have an ecommerce redesign project that… i would love to redesign with Cwicly and… i’m tergiversing, hoping that this wish of mine will come true soon! :smiley:

Tonygreat, i agree with your list of essential and very useful elements in an ecommerce project.

A little less with the talk about Oxygen, since even in version 4 they failed to implement decent quantity buttons in WooCommerce (on single product template). They remained exactly the same as in release 3!

Thank you all!


I have the same dream

any news on that? I just have to consider, if to start with migration/ implementation of my Shop (variable physical fashion products) to Cwicly right now, or waiting for that major cwicly Woocommerce release. It depends on what the estimated release date will be, on what major features are delivered with that, and if a migration when starting now to that updated version is easy or not

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