Translators welcome!

Hello everybody!

Since Cwicly is attracting clients from all over the world, we are having an increasing demand for Cwicly to be available in different languages.

So we would very much value your help and contributions, if you have a little time to spare and some translation skills. Just a few words here and there from time to time would be greatly appreciated.It’s simple to help and all contributions are welcome.

If you are interested in helping, please click on this link Cwicly < GlotPress which will take you to the Cwicly translation page.

To get started, log in or set up an account by clicking ‘have to log in’ on the left hand column.

Choose the language of your choice and choose the string you would like to translate. When you suggest a new translation, it will be added shortly after approval.

Thank you for your valuable help and ongoing support.

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I begun to work on the French translation, but I have some doubts about the words to use. I would be helpful with some context.
Another problem: the using of “franglais”, that means to use English words in a french sentence: for example the word “query” means “recherche”, but in the WordPress context I don’t think it ‘s necessary to translate it. A practical example: “query editor” should be translated by “éditeur de recherche”, but has no sense, so “éditeur de query” would be better.

Hello there @Ombres-et-lumieres,

Thanks for the help!
You bring up a good point. Looking at how WordPress does it, I think requête might be the way to go.

Don’t hesitate to propose your translation or ask here :wink:

Happy to validate my own entries as well, if needed.

Thank you very much @Marius! Added :slight_smile:

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Mais bien sûr!!! :wink:

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Just a friendly reminder for those who don’t know already or just forgot about it :innocent:

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I would like to start translating into Romanian if you are kind to add it to the list. Thanks.


Superb @beleancristian, added :+1:

Thanks to everyone for their translations already, we will be bringing in translators to get the rest of the strings translated so we can ship them in the coming weeks.

Thank you @Louis. One more on the translation… The use of diacritics specific to my language is advised or without? List of possible diacritics: ĂÂÎȘȚăâîșț.

Hello @beleancristian,

:+1: for the use of diacritics. Thanks once again!