Translators welcome!

Hi Louis, glad to be part of Cwicly since today.
I see the french version links to plugin folder : src/components/ but I do not see this folder inside VScode to check origin of string.
Where can I find it please ?

Hi there @AnthonyKeller,

Welcome to the community, great to have you here :slight_smile:

While we don’t yet provide the source files, the original string should be visible in the translator?
Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want more specifics.

That’s great Louis, I want to really congratulate you for such an elegant builder as we never met.
Beautiful to see such power and versatility along FSE and block editing.
I am having tremendous fun right now.
For the matter at hand, while I can see the string indeed, I cannot see the context which makes it hard to evaluate especially when strings are one word long.
I will personally use english in my wp account but still for clients it could be nice and I wish to contribute on this project as I can see the potential is huge here.

Hi Louis,

I would happily help with translating Cwicly to Swedish.
My experience as a translator (for WP-related translations):

  • I’m the main translator for the theme Astra
  • I did the initial translation of Bricks Builder to Swedish
  • I’ve contributed and actively translating roughly 15 WP themes/plugins

I’ve created an account on :slight_smile:

All the best,

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checked translations again. you are using inoffocial discord, with some luck? so we could discuss there? would be nice. not getting comfortable with the use of “icon” vs “links / rechts” vs “padding” and all.

Yeah, I joined yesterday but I’m not active (yet).
You can reach out fia PM on this forum as well.
It is also possible to create group chats here.
Might take some time until I reply though.

Hi all,

I might give french translation a try (done it before for a few tools), but I have questions:

1– What does this mean? 466 waiting?
Are translations currently regurlarly moderated?
Do you need a moderator?

2– I have the same feelings as you that some technical stuff shouldn’t be translated at all, like CSS reserved keywords in labels or placeholders, and that without the context it is 99% impossible to know IF or HOW we should translate strings.

So regarding context, what is your process? Is there something easier than just browsing souce code folders to find the right source file and open it and look for the string?
Is there somewhere in source code a language file we can edit to see live changes in WP? Like we can do with Poedit? Or an equivalent alternative?

I can’t imagine myself “blindly” filling translations in glotpress UI, I’m pretty sure it is a waste of time in many cases because it shouldn’t be translated.

One improvment I can think of right now (but don’t know if it is possible) is the ability to filter strings:

  • generic words like delete, add, rename, etc, which should be translated;
  • backend settings labels/descriptions, which are common language sentences and I guess should all be translated (excluding inline technical stuff like CSS keywords);
  • editor CSS input field placeholders, which shouldn’t not be translated;
  • editor labels, which may require translation or not (reserved CSS keywords or more custom elements).