Toggle Modal

Would it be possible to improve things here?

I had a look at the code and see what the issue is, so I have doubts there is too much space for improvements. Seems like it was designed for dedicated open/close triggers only, not for toggling.
But also not sure to what extent you are able to modify the libraries you are using for Cwicly, so who knows.
Maybe at least a modal trigger click timeout that inherits from modal animation duration? Not the best approach but better than nothing, I guess.

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Hi @Marius,

Very good point, a bit like our current Slide Up/Slide Down interactions (but fixed with the accordion block).

I have been planning on moving away from the current libraries we use (for simple things like this) and doing it ourselves.
This is easy stuff to write up and will allow us to provide a lot more control, while also maintaining things a lot better.

Your comment confirms what I’ve been pondering!

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These are very good news @Louis.
You mentioned all important points that were buzzing around my head, so nothing to add here.
Highly appreciate the way you plan to handle it in the future :+1: