The Js and Css files combines and minify plugins work with plugins

it’s seems cwicly can not work with Js and Css files combines and minify plugins(tested with wp fastest cache, Autoptimize), open its combines and minify function, cwcicly site does not work at all

for example, this page have 11 requests of these very tinny css files, if this can be combined in one file by plugins, means only need one request will be ok when page was load. this will help to iprove page speed and SEO testing.

same issue as js files

i know cwicly is very good, but i think if we can work with these plugins, it will more than good to perfects.

Elementor recent updates did very big improvement on page loading score testing, i think cwicly also need to think about on it.

plus, i would suggest that give a option to remove “” about googlefont or not either.


Hello @qiang814k,

Thank for your post, although I’m not quite sure why you suggest the fault lies with Cwicly? It’s the plugin that combines that should make sure it isn’t combining the wrong files together, while making sure the order is correct…

For example, the ccdyn files you circle should not be combined, as they have been specifically compiled to be imported when necessary (saving you unnecessary load).

The same goes for most of the JS and CSS files used in Cwicly.

I would appreciate if you could give me specifics on where Cwicly is failing in terms of performance/speed commitment?

I always like referring to this little snippet I now have:

Bundling multiple assets into a single response was a critical optimization for HTTP/1.x where limited parallelism and high protocol overhead typically outweighed all other concerns—see Concatenation and Spriting. However, with HTTP/2, multiplexing is no longer an issue, and header compression dramatically reduces the metadata overhead of each HTTP request.

Once again, Google Fonts are loaded only if YOU decide to use a Google Font in one of your templates, posts etc…

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thanks for the explanation, really appreciate your time.

i am not quite sure your “fault lies” mean.
i am a funs of cwicly , not a cwicly rumour maker.

i give you two more example of my sites here, may be can explain clear for you:

  1. one site with elementor and elementor pro and astra theme
    before use Autoptimize(14 css)

    after use Autoptimize(4 css)

  2. another site with spectra , astra theme
    before use Autoptimize(7 css)

    after use Autoptimize(3 css)

  3. comapre with my cwicly site
    before use Autoptimize(12 css)

    after use Autoptimize(12 css)

for what i can see, here seems can do something which can do a big improvement of SEO rating.

Again, what i am trying report maybe not correct, but my purposes are kind .

@qiang814k Is there any loading time improvement (seconds) between loading 14 css files and 4 autoptimized css files? CSS/JS files should not be combined in 2022. Browsers can load multiple css & js files faster now than a single or a few combined css / js files. No benefits in SEO from the amount of files you load.

Check this video from Google.

On the left is multiple images loading on HTTP/1 protocol (old) and On the right is multiple images loading on HTTP/2 protocol (current)

You can see old protocol loaded one file at a time. So took time if you had multiple files like images, css and js. Therefore it was advised to combine js and css files in the past. The new protocol loads multiple files at once. So it does not request for css and js files to be combined as it loads multiple files faster than a single combined file. Many people are not aware of this and tools like Autoptimize are legacy. No use in 2022.

Just make sure your webserver is HTTP/2.


thanks for your time and reference, i will take time to learn and test, really appreciate!!

I would like to add a very complete video that is well worth looking at (by far the best I found) for optimizing a WP site. Perfmatters Founder Shows How He Optimizes Elementor & Blocks Websites (step-by-step in real-time) - YouTube
Sorry if it looks like an ad for Generate team, not my intent.
@Louis maybe you can organize a video with Brian, maker of Perfmatters. I would love to look at it :wink:
Just a thought…

Perfmatters is great and I is my #1 optimization recommendation beside solid hosting.

The main feature, the Script Manager, only makes sense if plugins are used which loads their stuff globally. Cwicly loads only what’s needed.

Still, it’s a nice solution to disable things (mainly default WordPress bloat) quickly inside a nice interface and without the necessity to mess with (tiny) custom code snippets.

Maybe Cwicly has some plans to extend the optimization area inside the back-end settings, who knows. WP itself adds so much useless stuff…
How can it be the case, that it isn’t possible to manage these by WP settings? So bad, imo.

@AnthonyKeller how would it make sense, as one of the most optimized tools, to collab with an optimization tool? :face_with_peeking_eye:

I get your point, since the Perfmatters solution isn’t directly related to Cwicly stuff itself, but it just would bring in a wrong and potentially harming context.

There was already a discussion about that topic, maybe worth checking to explore more opinions @qiang814k.

While in terms of the combining files option, this might be true, they generally offer more options and settings which still can be quite useful and offer real value.
So your conclusion is wrong.

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I wasn’t really talking collab. Just basic cross promotion for like-minded speed optim enthusiasts :slight_smile:
I feel, despite being somewhat competitors, GenerateBlocks and Cwicly users share a common ground and interests.
I really enjoy that Louis, (or any founder) shows himself publicly to discuss in depth as we get the real vision through it. It’s inspiring and drives community building.
Without that I may never have tried it in the first place.

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I don’t agree with you on this. I have used many such tools and I don’t think they add any real value in terms of performance. Most of the options there are performance theatre. They boost the scores for testing tools but does not do much for the real performance.

I believe the optimization should be done at server level and most of your requests should not hit the PHP or DB unless the page have something dynamic. I generate pre-gzip compressed pages of all the sites I maintain (excluding dynamic pages like cart/checkout,etc). So when some body visit then there is zero request to the database or the PHP process. Webserver loads .gz page first and only do dynamic loading if such page is not available. Object caching and opcode caching also help. Such sites scale well with 10000s of simultaneous users on tests

You should also have decent WAF rules to prevent unnecessary requests to the server. WAF should never be at application level like WordFence. Application level firewall slow down the servers and are not apt for handling huge attacks. A well configured WAF with decent ruleset (Cloudflare Free also works - allows 5 rules) will keep the bad traffic at bay.

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And that’s exactly the point.

Don’t get me wrong, I mostly agree with you, but you need to differentiate here.

Not everyone is using decent hosting (for several reasons) and for these people, plugins like Autoptomize just do the job instead.
So claiming they are completely useless and legacy is something I can’t agree with.

There is a reason why they are still downloaded 10’s of thousands times a day.
Also, there is legit value involved, as soon as it solves a problem, even if it’s just a hidden random image optimization one.

Let’s face the truth.
Vast majority is chasing for scores, not for real world results and user experiences.
It’s a free and appreciated option to get better results and that’s exactly what’s desired.

At that point, it doesn’t even matter if there are other/better solutions.


here may have many argues, maybe never to the end, maybe never know what is the trueth.

for me, we are all aim for google show out content out on top in search page( so google is the game maker), plus google also give some test rules(,

so the situation is easy, who can pass the test most , who is the best, i would suggest if cwicly can, do some improvement is the right marketing method.


@qiang814k Share your site URL or dm me. I’ll tell you what exactly you should do to get the best score on Pagespeed.

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Very Appreciate, how can contact with you for the link, can give a email to me ?

@qiang814k You can direct message me on the forum. I am sending you a direct message and you can reply on it with your URL.