"Combine CSS Files" css priority issue

When using a css optimization tool that combines all css files, the default css settings take priority of the block level ones. (I noticed this on the section elements)

Not a big issue, but I noticed it after the last update.

Hi Alex,

Why are you combining the css files? It’s better to have multiple css files instead of a single large css file after introduction of HTTP/2. Browsers now better handle loading smaller files simulatenously.

Hi @alex,

I’m not familiar with CSS combining plugins as I never like to rely on them.
Might I ask which is the plugin you are using?

Are you aware of how it proceeds to decide which stylesheets are used in priority?

@Louis this one was from SiteGround Optimizer. I haven’t tested with any other ones as I don’t use them myself also.
It looks like it loads .cc-wrapper as inline style, and the rest packs it in the combines css and serve it from their CDN

As of a couple years ago, you’re generally better off not combining them anymore.

Combining files with an automated tool will get you in trouble, it’s just a matter of time and/or the amount of plugins you use.

Cwicly alone brings in another level of complexity which would require a proper handling of the various stylesheets.

I can confirm that the SG Optimizer is no exception. But my guess is, they are not doing worse than other comparable tools.
I’d just stay away from doing it, as others recommend here as well.

The only reason I can see why this is still a thing, because people are asking for it.
It’s just another feature / selling point.
Whether it makes a lot of sense is another story.


Moving this to General as this is an issue with the third-party plugin “combining” files rather than Cwicly.