The future of Cwicly

No worries, I closed this chapter months ago, although Louis lied to my face when I was saying Cwicly is dead, which straight up was denied.
Insanity that there are still people holding onto it.

This is what I told other users after this statement was published 3 months ago:

Cwicly is dead and users should accept it. That’s basically a goodbye for me

I really hope everyone find their way out of this disaster in some way.
For the ones who still don’t realize, it’s too late anyway.
I find it quite surprising though that some users still post here as if nothing had happened.

I’m confident they never planned to support the tool in the future in the way they announced and promised it.
They made the bad situation much worse when they started lying to us.

I’m not saying that it will happen with absolute certainty, but be prepared to never ever hear from them.


i have to agree with you now. :rofl:

Yes, but still the problem exists that many sites are built with cwicly which leaves us in a bad situation. Getting at least the minimum bug fixes would solve the dilemma with those sites … but components are broken for a month or longer now and no communication about it.

I really thought that I don’t have to rebuild everything, but the last few weeks teached me differently …

Once people have a baby, and the baby already 3 years old,
i think, no matter how hard the life is , no matter how bad the baby is,
no parent will abandoned the baby!

cwicly team paid heart and soul on this plugin day and night, i can see it from their product and speed. how can they abandoned it with no hesitate NOW?
i just do not understand.

:rofl: :rofl:

I totally understand the situation of users who still have many sites with Cwicly.
That’s unfortunate, but why wasting time anymore?
The situation is evident and the day will come where the damage is irreversible, if you don’t take action before.

Some users find it responsible to stay with Cwicly, for whatever reason.
But in the end, when everything goes down the drain, and there is nothing you can do about it anymore, users whish they took a different path.

WordPress 6.6 is around the corner which definitely will break things, at least in the editor environment.
Cwicly is a zombie and the decay progresses on a daily basis.


There is too much pessimism around here.

At the end of the day, the Cwicly plugin is an extension of the block editor, not a replacement. It’s not as critical as it would have been if it were a totally different environment. The Cwicly theme is just a simple block theme.

Sure, some things can break or not work as desired, but currently, that’s not the case. The last update was two months ago, so it’s not like it’s been neglected for long.

This is not the ideal situation, but what’s the point of abandoning the development of a plugin if you still offer support and maintenance on a daily basis? We also need to consider this from Louise’s point of view.

So, the takeaway is: Should you still be building new sites using Cwicly? Probably not. Should you go and rebuild everything you have built with Cwicly? Probably not.


This is not the ideal situation, but what’s the point of abandoning the development of a plugin if you still offer support and maintenance on a daily basis? We also need to consider this from Louise’s point of view.

The point is to honour your word. This is what Louis wrote in the post you’re commenting on:

Subsequent to this period, commencing from 2025 onwards, we will offer maintenance plans for those users who wish to continue to benefit from Cwicly updates, contingent upon your tier level, at a discounted rate, as no new features will be introduced.

Louis has been straight-up lying. I’ve been waiting to hear back from support for a month now and have heard nothing. Louis didn’t even have the decency to communicate that he had changed his mind. He left us in the dark. It has been stressful having a client with a non-functioning system and not being able to get help from support as promised.

So yes, the situation is dire. If you end up with something not working and you require support, you’re out of luck.

For people using Cwicly for paid client work, it is crucial to be able to reach out to Cwicly support. It’s also a significant issue to tell your clients that the software you recommended (and for which you paid a lifetime license less than 1.5 years ago) has shut down and you can’t support the product. Personally, this will cost me many thousands of dollars to rebuild sites with different software. I wouldn’t have to do that if Louis had kept his word and continued to support the product as promised.

I think the folks taking this lightly are those who have nothing on the line.

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I also got the LTD but wasn’t ready to use it till just before Louis killed it. But I really feel for the ones using it for clients. It’s bad enough he did it the way he did but now doing it again with totally reneging on support. Like one stab in the heart wasn’t enough.
There is no way he can ever regain any dignity after this but he could at least go open source to save the skin of those who were once his loyal followers

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I’ve been away for quite some time. But after reading some comments here, I think I made the right decision. I understand people’s frustration, however, complaining, making accusations, demanding, or any kind of aggressive behavior WON’T MATE THINGS BETTER. It’s going to have the OPPOSITE EFFECT. If that wasn’t clear from the get-go, then you’re part of the problem. Your aggressive behavior won’t change the outcome.

Make peace with it.

Cwicly is still a solid and well thought out builder. Say what you want, there is still nothing that compares to it. Whether it’s being developed on or not, you can’t deny this. It sucks because it’s a tool that solves many of our problems with the Block Editor, Site Editor, and makes them comparable, and sometimes even better than page builders. Gutenberg is not, and IMHO was never meant to be a page builder. It’s a great content editor. And that’s it. What Cwicly gave us was a way to transform it into a full, and advanced Site Editor. I often miss it when working on personal projects. It is a brilliant tool, and it’s a shame there won’t be further development. Stop trying to brute force it to get back on track. It won’t happen!

Yes it sucks! Big time. We all had the highest of hopes…

But if you were expecting it would be business as usual and we would receive updates as frequently as we were receiving, even if there are still bugs to be fixed, it won’t happen either. Expect sporadic updates. Accept it and move on. I did, and we all will have to do it eventually.

It’s not the end of the world though. There are plenty of alternatives to use. Even if they aren’t as well thought out, polished, or powerful as Cwicly is. We can all adapt, compromise, and find our way around.

Let’s move on. Complaining won’t change what happened…


What is going on? Hacked? :slight_smile:


Download for free? :blush: Interesting!

I’m curious, what plan does Louis have? No revenue, but readjust the response time? @Louis , if you have a plan, please tell us. Don’t leave us in the dark.

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This is an interesting development. Maybe there is new investment. I have been working with Bricks and ACSS because of a lack in alternative tools. For me it has been a time consuming adjustment. In my opinion Cwicly was just more intuitive.


Hello @jornes,

Cwicly will be coming to the WordPress plugin directory soon we hope.

As already discussed, bug fixes, potential security vulnerability patches, and WordPress compatibility will continue to be addressed.

With Cwicly making its way to the directory, we also plan to add a few more features/improvements also.


@louis > Thank you that you give Cwicly belong to everybody same as does. :grinning:

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Hi @Louis

I’m happy to hear from you, and thank you for your reply! It’s really been a long time since I last heard from you.

That’s great that you made Cwicly live again. This is what we all hoped for.

Best of luck with what you do!


Hi Louis, now create numerous block themes, templates, and components for all industries, and try to generate revenue from them.

As an AppSumo LTD user, I’m happy to hear about your decision to release it for free and make it accessible to everyone through the WordPress directory.
I wish the best for you and your team.
Please ignore any negative comments in other forums, especially those from competing products (and their fanbases). There are many people who still support Cwicly and actively use it.
In my opinion, a product of this quality has the potential to become one of the most popular ones.


There is plenty of valid criticisms. Louis promised support for the foreseeable future, but simply stopped replying to any support inquiries. He did not even have the decency to come clean about not provided support as promised.

Even though I have bought life time licenses I will never use Cwicly for a client project again.