The big UI/UX topic

This unified look is brilliant @Louis.
Cutting the right area down by a half or even 2/3 in height is a major improvement!
Any ETA? :thinking:


I will take the contrarian position :slight_smile: .

It looks nice, but it will take a lot of time till the muscle memory forms to know which icon is for what. (so in the end more click to find what you are looking for then). Even with the new primary ones, I think I make more clicks then before.

Not sure about the majority, but I have plenty of space on my screen :). (so having more then half of it empty, not sure how it help)

I think the webflow approach is good, by having a toggle to switch to full or condensed is the ultimate way to bring pace on both sides :smile:

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I like what I see
This is just text to get to 20 char

Reasonable doubts @alex.

Here is how I think about it, based on experiences with similar tools.

It will take a certain time to adopt, sure thing.
But that’s a tiny invest of time in terms of overall time savings in the future.
Icons are just for first orientation until I got used to it.
As soon as being confident, I won’t see them anymore, it’s all about the position.

Reducing the panel content height will give you the ability to constantly(!) focus on a specific area on your screen.
This is currently not possible. A workflow improvement which some have to experience first to understand.

I also want to stress that this is just my opinion, so experiences can be very different, since people are used to different workflows.

Thanks for that! Important and appreciated.

One thing I am not entirely sure about yet, need to get hands on first, is indeed the amount of clicks which are required in some cases.
This could turn out to be an issue.

I’m just amazed at how the UI has changed. I was just about to write that there are still labels instead of icons and hey what is that… there’s a new update and everything is fixed :heart_eyes:
After half an hour in the new UI it is almost muscle memory, no reading thanks to the symbols and I use the design tab more than the primary tab.

1000 :heart: for the last Updates :heart_eyes:


Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I couldn’t agree more!
Is there more feedback from other users about the new UI?
Would like to hear some more reports based on the new experience.

My only concern, fortunately has not been confirmed, not even a tiny bit:

I love everything about it and it also seems it’s making the way free for more features which would’ve just bloated the previous UI even more.


Wow, thanks @T-low for the feedback, really appreciated. This makes us feel like we’re going the right way!

Definitely something to keep an eye on. The choice was between legibility and “faster” access to properties (which I don’t find the panels gave us because of the continuous height changes in the advanced panel).

As usual, we do listen to the community so if there’s something that needs adjusting, we’ll be there.

This! Opens quite a realm of possibilities :smiley:

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I haven’t worked yet in a sustained way with the new interface (to get a real feel), but I still think it has too many subcategories.

For example for Layouts, the Display, Visual and Positioning settings could easily fit under one. Same for the Backgrounds and some others. To many clicks to find something makes me dizzy :).

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The new code block modal option is awesome.
Custom code has become a real option in Cwicly.
It went from “useless”, at least for me, to a smooth and intuitive experience and with all the stuff which gets recently added, it’s becoming more and more an all-in-one kit.

Will this also be available in the custom CSS block options?
Also, is the modal really draggable? Is there a dedicated area where I need to grab it?

Update regarding draggable code block modal. It’s working, probably a browser extension conflict.
Will investigate and update.

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Hi @Marius,

Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated.
The modal option will be added to the Custom CSS block options, as well as slowly moving towards using it in most modal cases so that one isn’t contrived when having to open one up.

Interesting, haven’t come across any issues on our side, but would appreciate if you find something.

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A browser hard refresh did it.
Sorry for the confusion :+1:

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With the Update, I really like the min-height fix.

I was not really aware until it changed, but it feels waaay nicer than before. Especially when I create smaller blocks in a template part.


Would love to see this on the icon picker.