Template Library Full Design Sets

Please consider adding full design sets with header, footer, home page, blog page, about, and contact pages. It would be nice if these has the same design and shared the same tag. This then would be a way we could now get a starter “design set” without the need for programming some new feature for the design library. It might also be nice if either the color palette and globals carried over they could also be tagged and imported.

Of course long term it would be nice to be able to import a full site together, but that would probablyh require additional programming.

It is mentioned in this thread that there are lots of plans for the template library, but I didn’t see anything specific on the roadmap or in features listed here for voting.

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@David There is a strange silence around this request I and others have asked about it in different threads … I heard there is a copyright/licensing-issue they are tackling. But the silence is pretty annoying and offputting …

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Anyways - a strange silence.

@David - Maybe we should ask for the commmunity to come up with something ? Or make a separate thread for people to throw in some basic defaults ?

@JacobDK - I imagine it is a large topic but in any event I don’t think that users could make much headway until methods that Cwicly will support are in place.