Please provide a basic theme demonstrating the value of Cwicly to learn from

Dearest Cwicly-team.

Maybe I am just missing something - but I can not see any themes in the Design Library. Araminta has made her beautiful page designs and so on - but no basic template demonstrating in a boilerplate kind of fashion ALL the wonders of Cwicly.

It is a loose-loose situation that no full, mature theme exists as of now. You achieve people giving up on the product and people like me simply get lost in the not-so-mature-yet interface.

The short version: It is just a lot easier to understand Cwicly with a good standard theme, demonstrating the good stuff Cwicly offers.

It could:

  1. Contain a standard, raw, black/white, with Roboto or other standard font imported so not violating GDPR and be fully accessible.
  2. Demonstrate most of the features that your themer and blocks are able to do in a best-practice and as-intented/future-proof acccording to you - including, query for a news-section/blog, brochure like presentation of personnel and services, use tooltips with diffferent content inside the tooltip such as video and audio and images and basic text-with-image.
  3. Be fully accessible.
  4. Mobile UX shoud be optimized for use with sticky bottom menu for the thumb to easily navigate.
  5. Include a three-level drop down menu optimized and reused in all breaking points, so only one menu is necessary to set and change. It could also demonstrate the most opmized way to use the filters block in terms of speed for the end-user.
  6. Otherwise open to suggestions.

Otherwise … with Elementor picking up the good stuff from the pagebuilder competition going on - I just do not care personally about using Cwicly.

What say, ye ? Please not something like …it is on the roadmap …

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Thats a great idea. This would be very helpful indeed to understand how Cwicly works and how it is intended to be used.

Vote for it. They have to prioritize, so if not many people request the feature …

Well for me it would be nice to have but personally I think I would not get a lot out of it since I struggled my way through already :stuck_out_tongue:
I think they should definitely consider something like this but for me it is more important they expand on features like the filter and search.
Also to some extend you can already import whole pages designed by them which I guess is similar to your request.

Not similar. But what you write makes sense. Thank you.