Swiper allows you to specify a non integer number to display slides but Cwicly does not

In “cc-slider.min.js” you use “slidesPerView:w?parseInt(w):2”

But Swiper allows us to specify more than just integers, for example I want to display one and a half slides. I can specify “1.5” or less “1.2”

Looks like a simple fix. This is used in all modern designs to show that there is more content and you can interact with it.

Hi @Mykyta,

Thank you for bringing this up.

It isn’t currently possibly to set non integer numbers in the Slides per view parameter.
Rest assured, we are already aware of this limitation (please see this feature request).

For the time being, you can achieve a 1.2 slide layout, by setting 2 Slides per view, and enabling align centre:

Thank you for your understanding.

This doesn’t work in my case because it involves centering on all points. I need alignment on the left side always.