Swiper.js SlidesPerView 'auto'

I want to show half of a slide to indicate that there is more (testimonials). What I saw in tutorials is that you have to change slidesPerView to ‘auto’ from a number, but it is not possible to type that in Cwicly’s settings. I found the script with the settings in the html, am I able to change it somehow? It is kind of possible if I set it to 2, and align center, so it shows 1/2, 1, 1/2, but I want to tweak it a bit more…
Thanks in advance,
Levi :slight_smile:

Hi @razin,

Indeed, it isn’t currently possible to use “auto” slides per view in Cwicly.
We’ll be sure to add this as soon as possible.

Moving this to Feature Requests, for the team and I to keep track of.

Thanks for sharing this workaround for others!
I’d suggest to stick to this solution until “auto” is available.

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