Scroll anchor does not work

when clicking the button does not scroll to the anchor position.

  • WordPress version: 6.3.1
  • Cwicly Plugin version: 1.3

Hey @phamxuantrieu,

did you activate the ID of your target div?

Toggle ID


oh this seems new. i didn’t need to do that before. it worked thank you.

That activation dot does not appear on my end, or my question is: when does this dot appear?

In case you don’t see that toggle, ID’s and classes are always visible.

There is an option for that in the settings:

Got it. What is the advantage to remove classes and Id’s as default? Performance?

Cleaner html output, which will have a nominal positive performance impact by reducing the size of the page.

Did change that now, and activated my scroll to id id’s. But I am getting the following console error:

You need to activate all ID’s which are in actual use and required to ensure site functionality. This also includes interactions.

Switching this option after starting development is not recommended (imo).
For new installations, this option is active by default since it was introduced a long time ago.

Hi @FZwo,

Please see this tip: