Save editor preferences

So, this has been a part of Gutenberg for quite a while and let’s be honest, it was long overdue.
How can this not be available for years already?
Setting up and changing all editor preferences by device and browser is a massive pain.
Especially when counting in the Cwicly settings on top.
Not to mention when adjusting things later. It’s a mess.

While it seems to work for the WordPress part, Cwicly settings do not.
WordPress 6.1 will arrive on November 1st and this feature will be a part of WP core then.

How will Cwicly integrate? Is this something you are aware of?

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Hey @Marius,

Interesting points.
Can you point out the locally stored settings you’d like to see persist?

Thanks for picking this up @JohnD.

Well, in my opinion, when I switch Browser or Device, I want to continue in the exact same environment.
So my answer to your question is: everything

I’m not sure what’s affected in detail but here are some points that are really annoying for me:

  • Navigator Position
  • Quick Block Inserter
  • applicable options inside the Global Styles Settings, like
    • Default Block
    • Inspector Position
    • Linked Values

Hope I didn’t miss something important and that it makes sense.
Can you take advantage of that API to implement the Cwicly stuff as well?

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Hey @Marius,

Thank you for going into more detail.
We haven’t yet had time to take a look at the details of the API you are referring to, but Louis is aware of the situation.

Moving this to “planned” feature request.


Is there any update on this?

WP 6.1 is here and this annoyance has finally disappeared - for the Gutenberg part.
Maybe it’s the right time to take advantage of the stable functionality for Cwicly’s implementation?

Hi @Marius,

This is now implemented in 1.2.6.
Most if not all of the your current settings should be transferred.

As usual, if you experience any issues, I’d appreciate you let me know here.



Thank you so much for adding @Louis - this is greatly appreciated :heart_eyes:
Looking forward to finally integrate the quick block inserter into my workflow.

The navigator seems to retain its default (squeezed) starting position, when entering the editor from a new browser.
Is it supposed to behave like that?

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Thanks for bringing this up @Marius. Navigator persistence was added in

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