Save editor preferences

So, this has been a part of Gutenberg for quite a while and let’s be honest, it was long overdue.
How can this not be available for years already?
Setting up and changing all editor preferences by device and browser is a massive pain.
Especially when counting in the Cwicly settings on top.
Not to mention when adjusting things later. It’s a mess.

While it seems to work for the WordPress part, Cwicly settings do not.
WordPress 6.1 will arrive on November 1st and this feature will be a part of WP core then.

How will Cwicly integrate? Is this something you are aware of?

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Hey @Marius,

Interesting points.
Can you point out the locally stored settings you’d like to see persist?

Thanks for picking this up @JohnD.

Well, in my opinion, when I switch Browser or Device, I want to continue in the exact same environment.
So my answer to your question is: everything

I’m not sure what’s affected in detail but here are some points that are really annoying for me:

  • Navigator Position
  • Quick Block Inserter
  • applicable options inside the Global Styles Settings, like
    • Default Block
    • Inspector Position
    • Linked Values

Hope I didn’t miss something important and that it makes sense.
Can you take advantage of that API to implement the Cwicly stuff as well?

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Hey @Marius,

Thank you for going into more detail.
We haven’t yet had time to take a look at the details of the API you are referring to, but Louis is aware of the situation.

Moving this to “planned” feature request.