Please make sure to regenerate your HTML & CSS once updated

  • Fix: Masonry layout on Frontend Rendering query

  • Fix: Frontend rendering Terms, Users query would return fatal error

  • Fix: Conditions warning for unchecked string

  • Fix: Ongoing: apply inherit property as “inherit” and not as placeholder option for ''

  • Fix: Prepend Custom CSS on editor so that it applies more specifically to block

  • Fix: Change Custom CSS style tag position in editor

  • Fix: Slider block would not display correct amount of slides on Site Editor

  • Fix: Make sure Cwicly Header Toolbar has sufficient priority

  • Fix: Make sure 0 value is show in unit control

  • Fix: List block would create unnecessary CSS rules when icon activated

  • Fix: Gutenberg styles would override Cwicly Global Classes styles

  • Improvement: Change number spinning (click + drag) to icon/label instead of input field

  • Improvement: Copy/paste box shadows

  • Improvement: Introduce Archive, Comments, Back To Top and Filter categories for Design Library

  • Improvement: Persist Cwicly editor settings

  • Improvement: New conditions for query: Has previous page, Has next page

  • Improvement: Frontend Rendering Infinite Load More

  • Improvement: Query block, Scroll into View property when Frontend Rendering is activated

  • Improvement: List block icons align property

  • Improvement: drop-shadow property

  • Improvement: scroll-margin property