Repeater in Cwicly Template

Please forgive the ignorance, still trying to wrap my head around how to effectively use repeaters.

I have watched the two Cwicly videos regarding ACF repeaters: How to - ACF Repeater Block in WordPress Gutenberg - Cwicly - YouTube
ACF Repeater - Thursday Theme Day #18 - WordPress Gutenberg - YouTube

I also read this thread: Add ACF Field to Cwicly template but I still can’t seem to figure it out.

They show adding repeaters to a POST type. However, I would like to add a repeater to my Front Page Template created in Cwicly → Themer → Add Default Template → Front Page.

The ACF fields do not appear on the bottom as they do when it is a post/page type.

Is this just how it is, or am I missing something.

If I cannot use ACF repeaters in the template, then how can I pull dynamic information and repeat that for a service section?

Will a query block suffice for this?

I think you need to build query first then add the repeater inside that query

Hi @penatech,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with this.

Yes, you can use the Repeater block within the Site editor.
The ACF fields do not appear at the bottom of a template, as ACF is not currently FSE compatible.

So be sure to set a dynamic preview source which will allow you to display content from a dynamic source (a post/page where your repeater data has been filled).

I have recorded a short video that should help you achieve this.

Please let me know if this helps!


Hello @Araminta ! No need to apologize, I’m just a natural idiot doing what idiots do :wink:

I see, so it’s a limitation of AFC. Hopefully they fix that soon!

I understand about the dynamic preview. Will creating a custom post type (CPT-UI → create CPT → my-cool-cpt) and then using the display content from dynamic source to point to “my-cool-cpt” work? Or will a query block be more appropriate until ACF gets FSE done?

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Another option instead of of creating a CPT is to create an ACF Options page. This might make more sense if you are only going to have one set of values.

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I plan on having a couple different custom post types for this client: services and a portfolio page.

The options page would probably serve for something else, so thanks for the idea!