Add ACF Field to Cwicly template

Dear admin

I tried adding the ACF Field to the Cwicly template (404 page, Front page…) but the ACF field doesn’t appear. How can I add ACF to it?

Thank you !

Hi @NHViet,
I probably didn’t understand the question correctly, but here I go :sweat_smile:

To add dynamic values, select the block that you want to receive a dynamic value. In the toolbar that should open right next to your block, select the dynamic values icon, select ACF as the source, and select one of your groups that you created in ACF (the group you want to get the data from).


If you want to display something like a heading on your 404 page and use dynamic values for it, remember to add your 404 page to ACF → ACF Group → Location so you can add the values by editing your 404 page.

If you have not created a 404 site and want to use an existing ACF field on it, I’d probably use a query, but no guarantee, that’s the only option I know of right now for cwicly.

For a more specific answer, please provide more information.

Where is the data stored? On the 404 site or on another site like a post or home?
Are you using a template with visual conditions to display the data?

Dear T-low

I want to create Dynamic content for Cwicly template (front page/404/archive…) like this:

1 - I want create an archive page using Cwicly template and want it to be like a main page for a topic
2 - I want to add dynamic data ( ACF Field ) directly to this sample store so I can try using Cwicly Reapter block
3 - If I use Dynamic content from another source to bring into the Cwicly template hosting page, I can’t use the Repeater block so can only use it to get the data using ACF (not the Repeater)

I hope you understand what I mean

Thank you !

Ok, so you would like to create a template, which would display your single archive posts/products right?
below in blue.

Dear T-Low

Yes. “Dynamic ACF post” in the picture you sent I want to replace it with a Repeater block (meaning I will create an ACF repeater then fill in the title, feature image, link to that post…) and then then use the Repeater block to display it on the Cwicly template archive page

Dear T-low
The most accurate is to do the same as this Video but it is applied to Cwicly template, not post or page default of Wordpress

Thank you !

Ok, how did you create the posts?
Did you create the contetn for them in acf fields?

Dear T-low

like in the video I sent. Create a repeater by directly entering values into the post and displaying it in the backend. Meaning “Dynamic ACF post” does not have to be 1 post. It could be ACF fields added for display by the Repeater block. If I want to link to an article I just enter the URL of that article in the ACF repeater. It seems that what I said is a bit difficult to understand

Thank you !

I’m not sure, but of what I understand, I think it should be done differently.

What you did?:

  1. You created some posts and added content to them?
  2. These Posts are in an archive that you now whant to display on the archive site (like the video)?
  3. you created a seperate ACF Group like the video and are now trying to link the posts and the acf Group together?

I really would love a discord server to cwicly stream or show content :sweat_smile:

Ok, sorry for the last comment, lets ignore that one.

Would it be possible for you to create a new post and send a screenshot of the area, of the fields area?

if it looks something like this, everything is fine.
the some stuff area represent your ACF Fields.


If you are not using any repeater fields and whant to display different posts, I would use a query block. Like in this video

Dear T-low

This is my ACF setup:

And this is the result:

As I said ACF works fine with the default wordpress post or page. It doesn’t work with Cwicly template. What I want is that it also show on Cwicly template like post and page

Thank you !

Hello @NHViet,

Although I can see the point you’re getting at (having ACF Fields on a template) this is not Cwicly limiting this functionality but more so ACF. They don’t support FSE at this time.

I would like to add that most templates apply to posts/archives etc… which means that you will be relying on ACF fields from those posts and not the template itself.

Have you tried using the Dynamic Previewer in the Site Editor so that you can create Repeaters etc… from templates directly?

Dear Louis

I have checked and have commented that:
For Cwicly Template only dynamic data can be obtained from other sources. This makes Cwicly template limited in functionality and content creation. Hopefully in the future Cwicly template can work directly with dynamic data of Cwicly template without having to retrieve data from another source.

Thank you !