Reopening of Cwicly discourse

Hello everyone,

I am reopening the discourse for constructive purposes. By this, I mean, bug reports and community exchanges.

Contrary to what is being circulated in the WordPress community - amongst many other mistruths and wild speculations - communication between us and Cwicly users has never been interrupted and we have been constantly available through At no stage has there been a shutdown of Cwicly.

To clarify things, as already stated, Cwicly is being maintained as far as bug fixes, possible security vulnerabilities and WordPress compatibility are concerned.

However, active development has been paused.

EDIT: In light of the comments already spreading through the different exterior groups, please read no new features will be developed for Cwicly.

I would urge you to keep this space clean for everybody’s sake.



Great news, thanks Louis :pray:

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so happy to see you here @Louis !

i need to ask you something though, which is in every cwicly user’s mind : do you encourage us to still use Cwicly for new sites ?
To be clear : this is what i really want, coz i really love cwicly and i don’t want to use any other builders (i was even thinking to use webflow), but i need to know for sure if i’ll had to rebuild my clients’ websites or not

thanks again for reopening the discourse (and hey, this is your forum, you can ban everyone who’s mean to you and cwicly if you want :wink: )

@Louis we are so glad to hear back from you and that things are somewhat ok.

Thabk you for keeping an open line of communication, and we would urge you for the moment to keep the word at pause and not discontinued pretty please so there is a glimmer of hope.

Cwicly in the last few week has become a topic of conversation and the reason is because of its uniqueness and no other tool can compare. What you have offered us is a piece of marvel that cannot be replicated and has spoilt us users.

Please keep us in the loop and we all support you.

Cwicly and your vision is too precious to be abandoned. Dont make it become a mammouth, massive in its potential but extinct.


In light of the comments already spreading through the different exterior groups, please read no new features will be developed for Cwicly.

Hello @pomilo,

You can build new websites using Cwicly, we will continue to support the plugin and fix bugs, vulnerability issues and WordPress compatibility.

However, please note that no new features will be added down the line.



Cwicly is perfect!
Your Updates are regular and address the needs “quickly!”
Thanks for all the hard work in getting it to this point.
I totally understand your position and hope you will find peace.



Dear Cwicly Team !

I have a question about the future of Cwicly specifically as follows: Will Cwicly continue to charge fees and support users beyond the year 2024?

Specifically, I have several website projects built with Cwicly, so I’m wondering if it can continue to operate long-term or if I will need to switch to using another alternative page builder like Bricks?

Thank you !

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so happy to see you, louis, and let’s make cwicly can be working forever. cwicly is so advanced than others, even did NOT comes with new features in the future and i will pay for it every year. let’s make it alive in the way which you like.

i read through lot’s of comments on internet in these couple of days, almost all the comment are positive, this tool is so amazing and it deserve to successed.



Dear Cwicly developers,

First of all, I would like to thank you on behalf of the community for your dedication and hard work on Cwicly. Cwicly is an outstanding plugin with a dedicated team that is second to none. The regular updates, UI improvements, and new features make Cwicly one of the best page builders on the market.

The news of the discontinuation of development has therefore shocked us all. Cwicly is an indispensable tool for many of us, and there is currently no comparable alternative. The integration of Tailwind CSS was another milestone that makes Cwicly future-oriented and innovative.

Rumors and speculations

We are aware of the many rumors and speculations about the future of Cwicly. We respect your decision to pause the development of the plugin, but we would like more clarity and transparency.

The community has many unanswered questions:

  1. Security updates and bug fixes: Will Cwicly only receive security updates and bug fixes until the end of 2024?
  2. Development paused: Does this mean that Cwicly will be discontinued permanently or is there a possibility that development will be resumed in the future?
  3. Transparency: What are the reasons for the decision to pause the development of Cwicly?

Transparency is important
Transparency is crucial in this situation. The community stands behind you and wants clarity to plan for future projects. We understand that this was not an easy decision, and we hope that you can answer our questions.

Continued development desired
The community would be very happy if the development of Cwicly would be resumed at some point. We wish you all the best and thank you for your work.


we are all paid passion, time and energy on cwicly, we all want ciwcly to continue move on, so

i would suggest that let’s give room/time to Louis , pushing is not very good way for the moment.


:+1: :+1:
@Louis , yes, do not need answer all of them, :slight_smile:

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Please reconsider, a change of heart is all that is required. If you do reconsider and ANYBODY tries to mess with you or your family in the future, I will personally hunt them down and END THEM! I hope all is well.


@Louis, I hope that given your awareness of exterior groups discussions that you also noticed the outpouring of support for Cwicly and the many messages of appreciation of it as a product.

A lot of people would still like Cwicly to continue developing as before and at the very least, this clarification is appreciated as it means we are able to make informed long-term decisions.


Hi @Louis, glad to hear from you, hope you and the team are better.

I absolutely agree with others, I would love to see Cwicly continue rising.

Being now the innovation reference in Wordpress tools, it would be a waste to stop Cwicly’s development. And the best answer to all its detractors would be to continue and smash them all, especially now that Cwicly has a better exposition (welcomed side effect!).

The best example: I was not convinced by the Tailwind thing simply because I didn’t know TW, like a lot of users and surely more non-users. But I gave it a little time and I can see that TW is becoming some monster, see upcoming V4 and the multiples integrations in so many platforms. And though I could read a lot of things saying that TW was not so relevant in the WP context, your integration denies all of them. You actually made such a brilliant move with it, even for non TW users, because it integrates so seamlessly and improves the existing UI. This can’t be a dead end.

So if the team needs some time settling and recovering, it won’t hurt Cwicly, and some stabilization period with fixes/security only updates is very OK.

But I hope you will reconsider, and maybe continue the TW / global theming / variables big work. The current state of Cwicly is of course highly usable, but it is so frustrating to not know the final destination.



I’ve only ever said positive things to you, and about you, and your product. Having said that, there is cause for serious concern here; and I’m hoping you can understand.

Let’s start here. Please help me understand the following:

You state, “You can build new websites using Cwicly, we will continue to support the plugin and fix bugs, vulnerability issues and WordPress compatibility.”

Two things come to mind for myself, and I’m sure anyone else who lived through the past 7 days:

  1. This contradicts your prior statement that bug fixes, vulnerability issues, and the like, would continue only through this year, 2024.
  2. This also contradicts your statement that you will be refunding all purchases made in 2024. Why refund if you intend to support indefinitely?

@Louis Hope to see you soon back with full energy.
Looking forward to see back in WP Community with a bang.
Community is waiting for you.


Hi @Louis,
I hope you keep the Cwicly train rolling. It’s seriously the bomb – the best Gutenberg editor out there, hands down. I’ve been on the hunt for alternatives, but nothing comes close to what you’ve crafted with Cwicly. Your work on this has been nothing short of amazing.

Look, I get it. Some influencers are being downers, some haters can be cruel for personal attacks on you and your team without any valid points, but don’t let that cloud your vision. You’ve got your user base, and we’re rooting for you. Cwicly has so much potential to grow, especially with the way you’ve been hustling. Seriously, it’s like you’re on fire – pumping out updates and providing top-notch support.

I might not be a Tailwind expert, but I gave it a whirl recently, and it’s pretty cool. Seems like a game-changer for certain situations.

And those folks teasing Cwicly as an icon-based editor? Pfft, haters gonna hate. I’m getting the hang of the UI more and more each day. Don’t let the negativity get to you – they might have some valid points, or maybe they’re just in their little bubble.

Keep your eyes on the prize, Louis. We, the users, are here for you. We’ll keep sending in our feature requests, and I’m confident Cwicly’s journey is just getting started.

Best regards,
Said it from the bottom of my heart.


Thanks, @Louis for reconsidering the decision to put the forum in read-only.

I am relieved to see this discourse open again. This community is just as important as the product.

:heart: Community, great to to hear from you.

Hope that the Cwicly teams is safe and healthy.