Remove ACF


How can I disable loading of ACF plugin? I don’t use it and I don’t want to keep it active on my site.

Hello @dranzer,

This isn’t currently possible, but could become an option and has been discussed in the past.
Is there any specific reason you’d like to deactivate it?


I am using metabox on all my sites. I have no plan to shift to ACF.

I did some digging and it seems the cwicly.php file at line 102 is loading ACF

require_once CWICLY_DIR_PATH . 'core/includes/acf.php'; // Load ACF Options

I cannot override since it’s not under a hook or filter. Can you add something here which allows me/others to override via a simple function in their child theme/snippet plugin? I have commented the line for now and will have to do after each update.

Edit: Not sure how but commenting that line leads to license check failure in the editor! @Louis

Hello @dranzer,

Indeed a filter should be provided. Please bear with me while I look into this to see what’s going wrong when ACF is removed.

Hi @Louis. I no longer hold Cwicly license. But have a keen eye on Cwicly to make a come back. I like the recent developments around it. Did you made any progress on this? Reason being if I don’t use ACF then keeping it active is a security risk as it’s popular plugin and exploits for it are discovered regularly.

I believe this whole ACF ecosystem should be optional in Cwicly.
Not sure if an on-off toggle is even a possibility but it would be nice to have it.
Please move this to feature requests so it can be voted if you (@Louis) think is doable.
Thank you.

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