Remove ACF


How can I disable loading of ACF plugin? I don’t use it and I don’t want to keep it active on my site.

Hello @dranzer,

This isn’t currently possible, but could become an option and has been discussed in the past.
Is there any specific reason you’d like to deactivate it?


I am using metabox on all my sites. I have no plan to shift to ACF.

I did some digging and it seems the cwicly.php file at line 102 is loading ACF

require_once CWICLY_DIR_PATH . 'core/includes/acf.php'; // Load ACF Options

I cannot override since it’s not under a hook or filter. Can you add something here which allows me/others to override via a simple function in their child theme/snippet plugin? I have commented the line for now and will have to do after each update.

Edit: Not sure how but commenting that line leads to license check failure in the editor! @Louis

Hello @dranzer,

Indeed a filter should be provided. Please bear with me while I look into this to see what’s going wrong when ACF is removed.

Hi @Louis. I no longer hold Cwicly license. But have a keen eye on Cwicly to make a come back. I like the recent developments around it. Did you made any progress on this? Reason being if I don’t use ACF then keeping it active is a security risk as it’s popular plugin and exploits for it are discovered regularly.

I believe this whole ACF ecosystem should be optional in Cwicly.
Not sure if an on-off toggle is even a possibility but it would be nice to have it.
Please move this to feature requests so it can be voted if you (@Louis) think is doable.
Thank you.


I wish some priority is given to this request as Cwicly latest version comes with ACF 5.12.3 which have a major security issue. ACF released a patch version for both ACF5 (5.12.4) and ACF6 releases.

Scroll down for notes for ACF v5 on this URL. ACF | ACF 6.0.3 Release – Security changes to the ACF shortcode and UI improvements


I’d also like to see it de-coupled at some point. Have been wanting to upgrade to ACF 6.0 for a couple weeks now but haven’t been able to.

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I’d like to see v6 in general.

Any update about this?
This should be on top list :wink:

Not sure if I want this any more. What do other think on this?

It’s good to have the option to disable the ACF so we can use another providers like Metabox, ACPT and etc.

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I agree with the new ACF CPT generator, having it integrated without adding any plugin is a great asset now :slight_smile:

But an option to disable it could be added so that anything ACF related is loaded anywhere for sites that don’t need it.


there is no way to remove ACF now?

together will be greate for a cwicly eco system development vision. :grinning:
if power engough, good engough, he will come acf rather than insist metabox. :grinning:

Hello @Louis,

any progress on this, maybe? :pensive:

I do agree with @dranzer and others, and I explained my point of view in this post. It would actually be quite an important feature, this one.

Yes, Meta Box integration is on the roadmap, but currently nothing suggests it will be implemented any time soon.
So in the meantime and for those of us who need to use different solutions than ACF, the option to disable it, if not needed, would be really appreciated.

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree with this, especially now that ACF Pro is including ads for WPEngine in the Admin. Having ACF bundled with Cwicly doesn’t feel like a perk. Is there a feature request I can vote on for this?

While I am sympathetic to anyone with a preference for specific tools or workflows, from our perspective having ACF Pro bundled is an extremely valuable perk!

From speed of installation, efficiency of workflow, to reduction in the number of plugins installed, there are a lot of benefits to having it and we appreciate it.

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Hi Louis. I hope you are doing well. Is there any issue in providing a filter for ACF Pro?