Hello everyone,

I am thrilled to present our latest release, version, which brings a host of important updates.

The highlight of this release is the revamped Section block, now featuring an accessible Container block within it, along with significant performance enhancements and numerous bug fixes.

Regarding the transition to the new Section/Container layout, we have decided to deprecate the current Section block for new installations only, while continuing to support the old section layout for existing installations. This means you can continue using the old layout without having to manually update your setups.

However, if you wish to switch to the improved Section and Container blocks, affecting all current layouts (but not adding Container blocks, which would have to be done manually), you can do so via the Cwicly settings page → Deprecated panel.

In addition, we are introducing block-specific styles in the Global Styles → Elements → Blocks panel. These styles will apply to the default block class, and you also have the option to target specific blocks by entering a class, similar to our HTML element styling.

Initially, you can find the Section and Container block styling options, with more to be added in future updates.

Regarding the Button block, starting from version, it will have a default display property of inline-flex. However, this change will not be applied to installations with versions lower than

If desired, you can toggle this behaviour on/off in the Cwicly settings page → Deprecated panel.

We’ve also put a lot of effort into enhancing the editor performance, improving initial loading times, and streamlining the editing workflow. We would love to hear your feedback if you notice any improvements.

Regarding compatibility with WooCommerce 7.9.0, which introduced the Gutenberg Site Editor package within the Post editor (for unknown reasons), we have made the necessary adjustments to ensure Cwicly works seamlessly with the latest WooCommerce version.

Any inconveniences caused during this period are deeply regretted.

The team and I want to express our gratitude for your continued support and trust in Cwicly.

A special thank you to all users who have been actively reporting bugs and submitting feature requests, we wouldn’t be here without you.

As we continue to work on our Components beta, we look forward to sharing more updates with you soon!

Wishing you a fantastic week ahead,



Hi @Louis, cheers for this.

Was there more info on button block changes?

Also, are all these changes propagated to the beta release as well or is that pending?

Hello @StrangeTech,

Thank you for noticing that one :slight_smile:
These changes are not yet available in the beta but will be included in the next beta release.


Hi @Louis
Nice update.
If I understand correctly, there is no option to convert the new section block from old section block. All to be done manually, correct?

Hello @jornes,

If you do want to convert them, you will have to do so manually. But, I do want to underline the fact that the deprecated section block will continue working properly throughout Cwicly’s lifetime.

One of the reasons we didn’t go with an automatic conversion is because a lot of users applied Relative Styles to their Sections, which in the end would require even more careful attention.



Hi @Louis
That makes sense.

Thank you!

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Amazing update :partying_face:
I appreciate your dedicated post @Louis.
Gonna share my thoughts after some exploring and testing.


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updated to that version, and disabled depreciate support, as I don’t want to mingle old and new versions. Just as a note, as that update requires some manual work afterwords:

  • with the nav, some relative styles added has to be updated manually, as ID’s has changed, and virtual classes applied has been removed
  • same for a hamburger menu I inserted from the library
  • ensure that you add your global sections settings in the changed way

Great update @Louis! A couple things I’ve noticed on my end so far:

  1. If I set default container styling (via Global Styles > Elements > Container > Leave class blank), it takes styling priority in the back-end over a global class set on a container.

CleanShot 2023-07-24 at 15.30.31@2x

On the front-end, the global class takes priority as expected.

EDIT: When I refreshed the page, this resolved itself.

  1. My global class styling doesn’t seem to load on any pages in the backend. I need to modify a global class style, and then it loads.

I’ve had this on both sites I’ve tested so far. Clearing all caches doesn’t seem to resolve it. Anyone else experiencing this?

Hello @sunny,

Thanks for reporting this.
This strangely didn’t appear during our tests but I can reproduce it consistently now… I’m worried it has to do with the Woo fix we added.
My apologies for the trouble here, we’ll try and get a fix for this as soon as possible.


I’m facing issues where virtual block classes have been removed and ID/class names are replaced.
@FZwo also hinted this already.
The pages, if one doesn’t re-save them, work properly.
So it might be a thing when entering the editor?

This (if it’s the same issue) also applies to custom CSS.

Yup I just noticed this too.

Had a social icon section from the cloud library. The source icon got a new class assigned, and the following icons just had “.removed”.

yes, and everytime I am editing the header template part again, virtual block classes are removed and relative styles has to be updated again

Will better wait to push that new version to production until this is resolved.

Hello @FZwo,

Sorry to hear this.
Are you experiencing this on all editors or simply when editing Template Parts?

Thanks in advance.

so far only on template parts, tested a normal post but that stays ok

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What does this mean? Just inserting a “middle layer” i.e. container (e.g. duplicated from a new section) to each old section, or replace each section by a new one?

Yeah, if you disable support for the old wrappers, you’ll no longer have any inner wrappers. Just full width sections.

Best way to convert is to go to each of your sections in the Navigator, right click on the first child within a section > Wrap > Container. And make sure any other children get placed in the Container as well.

Hello everyone,

Apologies for the trouble here.
Could you possibly try updating to and see if this helps alleviate the issues you were experiencing?

For the global classes not rendering in the backend, we’re not quite sure where this went wrong. For the moment, can you try regenerating them by going to Global Classes → Regenerate All.

Thanks in advance.


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I had issues with all points of and changelog and everything is back to normal on my end with the latest version.
Thanks for the quick fix!

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I think the backend classes are working now? Simply regenerating didn’t help, so I added a couple more steps. I’m not sure if they were all necessary.

  • Regenerated as per the screenshot
  • Made a change to a global class so that I could ‘update’ the global classes
  • Did a hard refresh on the page

Edit: I just tried this on another site, and it still doesn’t load the backend styles.