Regeneration of global styles in templates causes style issue

It has nothing to do with latest update the Cwicly plugin. Issue occurs with templates with global styles after regeneration:

Front-end is this:

after regeneration of global styles in Cwicly Settings:

After updating the template with some random back and forth changes front-end styling is ok again.

Hello @FZwo,

Thanks for the report and sorry for the inconvenience here.

If I understand correctly, the Global Styles regeneration (from the Cwicly Settings page) is not properly processed and this only occurs when regenerating Global Styles, not modifying them from their panel in their Editor?

Are these specific elements that get altered (section, container styles) or is it more general?

Thanks in advance.


It seems regeneration “forgets” some flex settings (align container with paragraphs bottom)

I had a similar and maybe related problem.

After updating and regenerating everything was fine. Then I changed some settings of blocks and the HTML code somehow reverted to a default code without styling on the frontend and I had to regenerate it manually in the Cwicly settings.

It could have been an old tab, but that should be unlikely. :thinking:

This happens on my updated version of the cwicly plugin from to 1.3.

as I pointed out, the issue I described has been already occurred under the previous version of the plugin, just had not time to report that

We are experiencing this exact behaviour as you describe it @Louis.

When editing the header template, we make changes to certain styles in the inspector. When viewing the front-end, these changes do not appear. Only after going to Cwicly Setttings > Regenerate Blocks CSS / HTML do the style changes appear on the front end.

Confirmed this is still happening after updating to

Yes, exactly, it just happens everytime when one is generating the global styles again, no modification done whatsoever


I believe the issue @FZwo is having might relate to: Container styling not applied after Global Styles CSS regeneration - #8 by JohnD

Not sure this is the same issue reported here. Are you still experiencing trouble?

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Thank you for following up with this @JohnD.

We haven’t noticed this happening since updating to, but we haven’t been doing as much in the header/footer templates since then.

Based on what you have said, I think it is safe to treat it as a separate issue and if we experience it again I will raise a new bug for it.

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i also still have this issue. every regeneration does something to my fonts.
I’m now always solving it by just changing something in the templates/pages and updating. then everything returns to the correct styling

Same here, that font issue came up in addition with that latest updates

I am having the same issue with global styles and Templates/Template parts. Fonts especially. I have to go in on the global class and reselect the same font then save and the correct font or style reappears.


Would you be so kind as to describe what happens exactly.
Does this apply to fonts used in Global Styles, Global Classes or specifically blocks?

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Would you be so kind as to describe which Global Styles don’t apply once regenerated?

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I have noticed it the most in Template Parts. For example, I will set a block to display: none; at a break point and Save but on the frontend with a hard refresh of the page the changes are not applied in the CSS. I have to change a class name (not a global class) or create another block for changes to finally ‘take’. This happens consistently. Is seems to effect any styling in the Template Part regardless if it is styled by a Global class or not.

I was designing a Header in a Template Part. This has been an issue for at least a month with styles not applying.

This is exactly what we experienced.


Is this still the case with the latest update?
If so, would be so kind as to reproduce it here so that we can debug the situation?

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  1. basically i’ve got pages with headings for which I’ve chosen a Google font but just for the individual headings (no general font in global styles or something).
  2. i get a notice from cwicly that i need to refresh my html etc. i do so and the font chosen disappears and gets replaced by a very basic looking font which i assume is the standard or default font or something
  3. i open for editing one of my templates, do some minor changes and undo those changes so that the ‘update’ button becomes available (if you don’t do anything you can’t update).
  4. my individually chosen google fonts for all the headings and text returns

@boris I do the same thing, do some minor change so I have the option to save again.

Here is the issue within a Template again. I have a Global class with the font specified. It appears correct on the backend but on the frontend it is inheriting my other default font. The button is a component with a global class to style it. If I click on the dropdown and select Archer again and save then it updates on the frontend. But if I go back into the page it will revert back to the inherited font.

Here is the link and i haven’t corrected the font on the frontend so you can see the styling. It seems the order of style sheets are loaded maybe the issue.