Regenerating Blocks CSS and Global Classes CSS breaks some elements


The project i am working on is heavily using components. Also Tailwind is enabled and used. Maybe this may have an impact here. Another thing: both problems seems to be happen inside of the “Inner Blocks” Cwicly Block.

After regenerating “Blocks CSS” and “Global Classes CSS” two components/elements breaks all the time. First is a List with Icons (Breaks when regenerating “Global Classes CSS”). Second is a Button with an Icon (breaks when regenerating “Blocks CSS”).

The Icon List is a self constructed ul/li component used only once in the project so far.
The Button Component is used a lot but breaks only in one place, where it is not componentized (detached from the original Component).

When opening the page and saving it, everything is fine again.

Step-by-step reproduction instructions:

  1. Regenerate “Blocks CSS” and “Global Classes CSS”.
  2. Go to the frontpage and take a look to the two places these problems occur
  3. Edit the page and save (without changing anything)
  4. Go back to front page and see if styling is okay now

Screenshots, screen recording, code snippet

Environment info

  • WordPress version: 6.4.3
  • Cwicly Plugin version:

Hello @michelyweb,

Thanks for the detailed report and for the access you also provided.

I can confirm both issues on my end.
We will have a fix for this in the next little update.

My apologies for the trouble and inconvenience.


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@Louis, we have also experienced some minor issues with InnerBlocks.

I have raised a separate bug for them, but this may be related:

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Hello @michelyweb,

Thanks for the report once again.

This should have been addressed in

I’d be grateful if you could let me know if you can confirm you are no longer able to reproduce this issue.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Louis , Thank you. This is fixed with the Version