Quick flex feature broken in Tailwind

Cwicly Plugin version:


It seems that quick flex feature doesn’t work anymore.
Setting any flex property doesn’t activate the flex property.

Thank you.

Hi @yankiara,

Thank you for pointing this out!

To clarify, this isn’t technically a bug as we had intentionally omitted it when Tailwind mode is enabled.
This decision was influenced by comments on quick flex being an unwanted behaviour (an example).

Nevertheless, we are open to extending the quick flex feature to Tailwind mode.
Thank you for your understanding.

Moving to confirmed for the team to keep track of.

Hi @Araminta, thanks for your feedback.

IMHO the quick flex feature is independent from Tailwind integration and should behave the same in both modes.

Should we move this to feature request then?

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Would also like to see quick flex for Tailwind.

Created a request here: